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Life Invented



Steve Nash ‘96

Reflecting on the past and looking towards the future
As an NCAA Division 1 school, Santa Clara University gave Steve Nash the opportunity to leave his home in Canada, launch his collegiate basketball career, and discover one of his favorite places in the world, the Bay Area. Today, he hopes to one day share his college experience with his children because, in his words, “only people who have been to Santa Clara can really understand what it means to go to Santa Clara.” We couldn’t agree more.


One of many short videos of current SCU students, faculty and alumni in our Life Invented series. Learn more about Santa Clara University and how they invent the life they want to lead.

Student life at SCU
At Santa Clara University we want you to learn what you love. Discover yourself. Be brave, strong, giving and compassionate. Be a part of a community that nourishes you, challenges you, and allows you to be who you want to be. Step out of your comfort zone. Make the most of work and play. We invite you to invent the life YOU want to lead.


Innovation at SCU
Step into a fresh perspective. Grow through mentorship, research, and hands on learning. The possibilities of academic life in Silicon Valley are limitless. Here at Santa Clara University we invite you to take critical thinking to the next level. Thrive in an environment where inspiration unfolds everyday. Be curious. Be challenged. Be an innovator. Be the solution. Reach for your future and invent the life YOU want to lead.