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ShadowSCU runs during the Winter and Spring quarters. The program is closed for this academic year.

Admitted students are invited to experience Santa Clara University through the ShadowSCU program; designed as a program for students, managed by current SCU students in the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

Like a real SCU student, you will make your own decisions about how to spend your time here. Your student guide will introduce you to campus life, and will take you to a class, and provide a room for you to stay in if an overnight is requested and capacity allows. Our office will provide you with a few pointers, and a list of suggested activities. The rest is up to you. Try to decide on your own priorities in advance: Do you want to see the lab facilities in a certain field, get a sense of the overall classroom culture, or find out what the athletic facilities are like?

However you choose to spend your time, it's a good idea to talk to as many people as possible. Don't be shy! As you'll quickly discover, Santa Clara is full of friendly people who are delighted to share their experience with you.


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What to Pack for your ShadowSCU Experience

ShadowSCU Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)