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Steve Carmassi

steve carmassi
Steve Carmassi

Graduation Year: 1984, MBA 1990

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Current Residence: Danville, CA

Major at Santa Clara: Mechanical Engineering, MBA

Occupation: Commercial Insurance Broker

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Favorite memory from Santa Clara  

  • Most every day freshman year on 2nd floor Swig
  • Reading the mock St. Mary's Collegian newspaper created by some very clever SCU students
  • Watching the "Villa People" at SCU basketball games

Extracurricular activities while a student at SCU 

  • Intramural sports
  • Alternative Fuels Project
  • ROTC

My hobbies and interests 

  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Boating
  • Scuba Diving
  • Bocce Ball
  • Traveling
  • Rock & Roll Concerts

Things I am good at

  • Reducing the cost of risk

Expertise that I have acquired in my life and career that I bring to my term of service on the SCU Alumni Board 

  • Working in a team environment
  • Creating systematic processes
  • Entrepreneurial mindset