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Meet SAC

Jonathan Herrera '20 - President image cap

Jonathan Herrera '20 - President

Meet Jonathan Herrera, a Political Science major and Philosophy & English double minor from LA! Jonathan, a junior, currently serves as our President. He joined SAC because it gives him the opportunity to bring together alumni and the student body. Jonathan wants to run for the California State Legislature in 2022, is a Gates Millennium Scholar, and has never broken a bone in his body!

Michael Walsh '19 - Vice President image cap

Michael Walsh '19 - Vice President

Meet Michael Walsh, an Anthropology major from San Mateo, California! The senior is our Vice President and joined SAC to help pioneer an organization that links students and alumni to create meaningful experiences. Michael travels the world in search of fresh pies that are made with exotic fruits. He’s also a beach bum by birth, but hasn’t had the best of luck with the ocean - he’s run out of air while scuba diving about 100 feet underwater.

Felicia Jarrin '20 - Executive Director image cap

Felicia Jarrin '20 - Executive Director

Meet Felicia Jarrin, an English major from Flagstaff, Arizona! The sophomore is one of our Executive Directors this year and joined SAC because of the leadership opportunities it presented. Felicia grew up in northern Arizona, where, contrary to popular belief, it snows every winter! Her favorite book of all time is Pride and Prejudice and she likes the movie *almost* as much as she likes the book.

Katarina Draskovic ‘21 - Executive Director image cap

Katarina Draskovic ‘21 - Executive Director

Meet Katarina Draskovic, a Marketing major and International Business & Retail Studies double minor from Culver City, California! Katarina, one of our Executive Directors, is a sophomore who joined SAC because she knew it would be a great way to get involved on campus and bring alumni back to SCU. Katarina can speak three languages, will do anything for pasta, and is so committed to tennis that she was actually homeschooled while she trained at the US National Tennis Academy!

Sarah Ebrahimian ‘21 - Marketing Director image cap

Sarah Ebrahimian ‘21 - Marketing Director

Meet Sarah Ebrahimian, a Finance major and Political Science minor from San Jose! The sophomore is our Marketing Director this year and joined SAC to gain valuable business experience and create connections between past and current Broncos. Sarah was the first person in her family to be born in California and is happy to call it home. She once held a 16 minute plank in a competition with her floormates in Graham last year - ouch!

Isabella Draskovic ‘21 - Events Director image cap

Isabella Draskovic ‘21 - Events Director

Meet Isabella Draskovic, a Marketing major and International Business & Digital Art double minor from Culver City, California! Isabella, our Events Director, is a sophomore who joined SAC to help other students reach their career goals. She’s a world traveler and citizen of 3 countries! Isabella is also an athlete and loves the outdoors. She enjoys hiking and has been coaching tennis for 6 years.

Kristina Stoia ‘21 - Events Associate image cap

Kristina Stoia ‘21 - Events Associate

Meet Kristina Stoia, a Communication and French double major from San Diego! The sophomore is part of our Events team and joined SAC to meet new people and help put together fun events that connect current and past Broncos. She loves animals (especially her black Lab, Lucy!) and grew up horseback riding for 10 years. One of her passions is traveling and seeing the Fjords of Norway is on her bucket list!

Georgia Lam ‘20 - Marketing Associate image cap

Georgia Lam ‘20 - Marketing Associate

Meet Georgia Lam, an Accounting & Informations Systems major from San Francisco! Georgia, a junior, joined SAC because she loves the idea of being the messenger for alumni who want to serve it forward. Skydiving over Switzerland is at the top of her bucket list and she would love to watch the Northern Lights in Iceland if she ever gets the chance! Georgia is looking forward to serving as a Marketing Associate this year.

Alex Bass McBride ‘21 - Events Associate image cap

Alex Bass McBride ‘21 - Events Associate

Meet Alex Bass McBride, a business major from San Francisco! The sophomore is an Events Associate this year and joined SAC because she loves going behind the scenes of events and wanted to find a welcoming community to be a part of. Alex loves photography and tennis. She even had the awesome opportunity to be a ball girl for Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams at the Bank of the West Classic!

Megan Hsia ‘21 - Marketing Associate image cap

Megan Hsia ‘21 - Marketing Associate

Meet Megan Hsia, a business major from Palo Alto! The sophomore, originally from Malaysia, is working on our Marketing team this year. She decided to join SAC to join a fun community and continue to use her skills in marketing to be more involved on campus! She has two dogs, and has previously used 7 of her birthday wishes to wish for dogs!

Vienna Smith-Murillo ‘21 - Events Associate image cap

Vienna Smith-Murillo ‘21 - Events Associate

Meet Vienna Smith-Murillo, a Finance major from LA! Vienna is a sophomore who joined SAC because she wanted to give back to the Santa Clara community. SCU has become a second home to her and she wants to contribute to the future of the University. She is vegan, a world traveler (her top destination is Istanbul!), and she aspires to work for an aerospace company one day. Vienna is looking forward to serving as an Events Associate this year.

Yuho Tanaka ‘21 - Marketing Associate image cap

Yuho Tanaka ‘21 - Marketing Associate

Meet Yuho Tanaka, a Marketing and Psychology major from Tokyo, Japan! Yuho is a sophomore and a member of our Marketing team. She joined SAC because she wanted to contribute to our mission of connecting alumni with current undergraduates. Did you know that she's an aerial yoga instructor and likes to figure skate? On top of that, she speaks three different languages!

Lauren Levinson ‘22 - Events Associate image cap

Lauren Levinson ‘22 - Events Associate

Meet Lauren Levinson, a business major from San Rafael, California! Lauren is a first year who joined SAC to help students understand the importance of connecting with Alumni. She is fluent in Spanish, LOVES sloths, and her least favorite condiment is mayo (she refuses to eat it!). Lauren is looking forward to serving as an Events Associate this year!