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New Student Welcome Program

Help us congratulate admitted students from around the world on their admission to Santa Clara!

Alumni, parents, current students, faculty & staff volunteers call to offer admitted students an opportunity to learn more about SCU before they enroll in the fall.

Participating is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

To become a volunteer in the New Student Welcome Program, simply click here and follow the online registration process. Once signed up, you can expect to receive a list of students to contact in early January and mid-March.


You will be notified once prospective students have been assigned to you (Round 1 in January, Round 2 in March). Volunteers then call, text, email or message on Facebook their assigned prospective students. The Alumni Association will equip you with all the necessary information to make this a rewarding experieince for all.

During the contact process, volunteers will keep all contact information on a secure and easy to use online portal. In this portal, volunteers will add notes about each contact, notify the Alumni Association for assistance, and mark the prospective student as contacted.

Here's what our volunteers had to say about their experience!

  • The human connection is vital to the mission at SCU. It's fun to be part of that, from the convenience of home and on my own schedule.
  • It’s one of the most rewarding ways I give back to SCU - and it doesn't take up much time!!
  • I could hear in the prospective student's voices how much they appreciated receiving my phone call. I am also very proud to be a Bronco, as are most of my friends, so I would do what I can to share my enthusiasm for SCU.
For more information, contact:

Alumni Relations
Paige Webster '14
Tel 408-554-6955