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NSWP Faculty/Staff Template

Please fill in the bolded parts with your information. Please use this as a guideline and add your personality into the email!

SUBJECT: Congratulations on being accepted to Santa Clara University!

Dear  <<insert name of student>>,

I wanted to personally congratulate you on being accepted into the Santa Clara University’s class of 2022. I see that you would be coming all the way from <<insert location>> - how exciting ! I work in the SCU <<department/office name>> and I can tell you that attending Santa Clara is not only a four-year decision, but a lifelong connection to the Santa Clara family. In the Alumni Association, we are committed to bringing alumni, family, and friends together long after their time as a student.

I choose to teach/work at  Santa Clara University because <<insert a reason>>.  In my role at Santa Clara, I <<insert a couple of things you do for your job>> and happy to tell you more about them. My advice for any incoming first year is to <<insert one piece of advice>>.

If you haven’t already, I hope you choose Santa Clara at your undergraduate school. If you have any questions about the campus, classes, student life, or anything else, I’d be happy to help! You can email me <<insert your email>>  or call me <<insert your phone number>>.

I hope to see you around campus in the fall. As we say on campus,  “Once a Bronco, Always a Bronco!”


<<insert your name>>


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