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Tips for Contacting Students

Preparing to Make Contact

  • Early evenings or weekends would probably be best for the students, but make sure it fits in your schedule first.
  • Make note of the major to which the student was admitted, and whether or not they are legacy students (this information is included in your volunteer portal). *Note - legacy students are defined as those whose parents, grandparents, or siblings also attended SCU.
  • Phone calls are no longer the only method of communciation for this program. You have the option of reaching out to students through texting and emailing, in addition to calling. It is totally up to you, but we recommend texting and emailing since it allows the student time to process their thoughts and think of questions to ask you. 

Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind

  1. All of your students have been accepted to SCU and have already been informed of that. 
  2. Students must confirm their enrollment intention and send in a $500 deposit by Jan. 7, 2017, for early decision students and May 1, 2017, for regular and early action students. 
  3. You may reach a student who has already decided to attend another institution. We realize SCU isn't a perfect fit for everyone, so please wish these students success and congratulate them on their choice. 
  4. Always leave your name and contact information if the student cannot be reached.
  5. Please do not take it personally if a student doesn't respond to your attempts to make contact. The student may be shy or they may have already chosen to attend a different school, and that's perfectly fine. We appreciate your support of this program none-the-less!


  • Congratulate them! Be sure to congratulate these students on being admitted to Santa Clara University's Class of 2022 and on beginning their college journeys. 
  • Be upbeat and positive. Share what made you decide to attend SCU, or perhaps what made your family member(s) decide to attend. 
  • Invite the students to participate in SCU Preview Days, taking place on April 8th and 9th this year. For more information on Preview Days, please visit

Take the lead in the conversation. Ask open-ended questions because "yes/no" questions tend to result in brief conversations. Here are some examples to get you started:

- Have you ever visited the SCU campus? What did like about it? (Maybe share your favorite things about our beautiful campus)
- How did you become interested in Santa Clara? Do you know anyone else who has attended, or will be attending, SCU?
- What are you interested in studying and why?
- Have you ever considered studying abroad in college? What countries would you like to visit? Do you speak any other languages?
- What kinds of things do you enjoy outside of schoolwork? What are you most looking forward to about college? What are you nervous about?

What NOT To Do

  • Do not speak negatively about any other school.
  • Do not attempt to answer Financial Aid questions. If a student or their parents wish to inquire about Financial Aid, they may call 408-554-4505 or email

What to Do Afterwards

  • Once you have completed your contact and any follow-ups (if need be), please set the status for that student to "Completed" on your online volunteer portal and click save. You may add notes before saving if you wish, and notes are always helpful to us when collecting data for this program. Saving will submit your contact history for that student to the program manager. Even if you could not reach a student, select "Attempted Contact but could not reach" and save anyways. This way, we will still know that you attempted contacting that student and we will have accurate data for our annual report. 

If you have additional questions or require extra support please email Maria von Massenhausen or call 408-554-6955.

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