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Tips for Contacting Students

Things You Should Do Before Contact:

  1. All of your admitted students have received their acceptance letter to SCU. The admitted students also received an email from the Alumni Association expecting you to reach out to them in the next couple of weeks.
  2. Communication with admitted students
    1.  72% of the incoming class indicated their preferred method of communication is email and to follow up with a phone call.
    2. We have created these templates for you to use as a guide to craft a personal welcome message:
      1. Faculty Email Template
      2. Student Email Template
      3. Parent or Friend of SCU Template
      4. Text Message Template
      5. Alumni Email Template
  3. Please send an email to our New Student Welcome Program email address if you do not know the answer to any questions. We are happy to look into it for you.
  4. Do not attempt to answer financial aid questions. If a student or their parents wish to inquire about financial aid, they may call 408-554-4505 or email SCU's Financial Aid Office.
  5. Please do not take it personally if a student doesn't respond to your attempts to make contact. The student may be shy or they may have already chosen to attend a different school, and that's perfectly fine. The important thing is that you have welcomed them to the Bronco family. 

Important Dates for Admitted Students:

  • Students must confirm their enrollment intention and send in a $500 deposit by Jan. 7, 2018, for early decision students and May 1, 2018, for regular and early action students.
  • Preview Day is April 14 and 15. At Preview Day, you’ll find out what it means to be a student at SCU. A day full of tours, presentations, conversations, and a behind-the-scenes look at what awaits you as a future Bronco.

What to Do Afterwards:

  • Once you have completed your contact and any follow-ups (if need be), please set the status for that student to "Completed" on your online volunteer portal and click "Save." You may add notes before saving if you wish, and notes are always helpful to us when collecting data for this program. Saving will submit your contact history for that student to the program manager. Even if you could not reach a student, select "Attempted Contact but could not reach" and save anyways. This way, we will still know that you attempted contacting that student and we will have accurate data for our annual report.

If you have additional questions or require extra support please email Denise Ho.

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