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Core Courses

The following list studio art (ARTS) and art history (ARTH) courses approved as satisfying Core Curriculum requirements. Check out the Core Curriculum Guide for a complete list of core courses. Course Availability also provides a list of all courses approved for each Core area during a particular academic quarter.

Diversity: U.S. Perspectives

ARTH 140 Photography in the United States (formerly 186)
ARTH 143 Women's Work: American Women in the Visual Arts (formerly 188)
ARTH 146 African-American Art
ARTH 147 Native Women in Contemporary Arts
ARTH 185 Post-Modern and Contemporary Art


ARTS 30 Basic Drawing
ARTS 32 Two-Dimensional Design
ARTS 33 Three-Dimensional Design
ARTS 35/135 Basic Printmaking/ Printmaking
ARTS 36 Ditto! The Technology of Print
ARTS 43/143 Basic Painting/ Painting
ARTS 46/146 Basic Watercolor/ Watercolor
ARTS 48/148 Basic Mixed Media/ Mixed Media
ARTS 50/150 Introduction to B/W Film & Darkroom Photography
ARTS 57/157 Digital Photography
ARTS 63/163 Basic Ceramic Sculpture/ Ceramic Sculpture
ARTS 64/164 Basic Sculpture/ Sculpture
ARTS 71 Digital Printmaking
ARTS 72 Introduction to Computer Arts & Design Theory
ARTS 74/174 Basic Computer Imaging/ Computer Imaging
ARTS 75/175 Basic Graphic Design/ Graphic Design
ARTS 151 Explore Society through Photography
ARTS 155 Photography on Location
ARTS 159 Digital Storytelling Through the Visual Arts
ARTS 173 Introduction to 3D Animation & Modeling
ARTS 179 Introduction to 2D Animation

Cultures & Ideas 3:

ARTH 24 From Damascus to Dubai: A Survey of the Visual Culture of the Middle East
ARTH 25 Indigenous Visions: Introduction to the Arts of the Americas 
ARTH 26 Art! Making China Modern
ARTH 27 Introduction to the Arts of Africa
ARTH 152 Arts of Ancient Mexico: From Olmec to Aztec
ARTH 160 East-West Encounters in the Visual Arts
ARTH 161 Photography in Japan
ARTH 162 Visual Culture of Modern Japan
ARTS 163 The Japanese Print
ARTH 164 Islamic Art, 600-1350 CE
ARTS 170 Art of the African Diaspora

Experiential Learning for Social Justice

ARTS 151 Exploring Society through Photography
ARTS 155 Photography on Location
ARTS 159 Digital Storytelling Through the Visual Arts

Advanced Writing

ARTH 100 Art History Proseminar (formerly ARTH 190)
ARTH 106 Art and Architecture of the Roman Republic and the Early Empire
ARTH 120 Keeping up with the Medici: Fame and Family in Renaissance Florence

Science, Technology and Society

ARTS 36 Ditto! The Technology of Print