Department ofArt and Art History

ARTH Course Requirement for Studio Art Majors

The following list art history courses that fulfill the global and modern or contemporary emphasis for Studio Art majors.

ARTH Courses with Global Emphasis

24 From Damascus to Dubai: A Survey of the Visual Culture of the Middle East
25 Indigenous Visions: Introduction to the Arts of the Americas
26 Art! Making China Mordern Art
27 Introduction to the Arts of Africa
66 Fabricating Nature in East Asia
123 The Global Renaissance
152 Arts of Ancient Mexico: From Olmec to Aztec
160 East-West Encounters in the Visual Arts
163 The Japanese Print
164 Islamic Art in the Age of Empire
170 Art of the African Diaspora
181 Animated Spaces: The Hindu Temple and its Global Forms

ARTH Courses with Modern or Contemporary Emphasis

23 Art and Revolution: Europe and the United States, 18th-20th Centuries
137 Modern Art in Europe: 1880-1940
140 Photography in the United States
142 Native American Art: Special Topics
143 Women's Work: American Women in the Visual Arts
144 Race, Gender, and Nation in 18th- and 19th-Century American Art
145 Perpetual Revolution: American Art in the 20th-Century
146 African-American Art
147 Native American Women in Contemporary Art
161 Photography in Japan
162 Visual Culture of Modern Japan
185 Post-Modern and Contemporary Art