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Department ofArt and Art History


Sam Hernandez

Sam Hernandez

Handcrafted mescal by Sam Hernandez, sculpture professor emeritus

Bring in the new year with a new hand-crafted mezcal, Huxal.

Sam Hernandez (Art and Art History emeritus) has turned to an unusual new medium as part of his art-making practice: mescal. He and some other "art guys" in the Santa Cruz area have partnered with artisans in Oaxaca to produce artisanal mescal -- at present there are four varieties. This enterprise does more than bring the product of this ancient method of making spirits to the US; it supports bringing fire-fighting and emergency response equipment to Oaxaca and provides employment for the residents of villages near the distillery. Hernandez designed the labels for this noble beverage; a local writer described them as "playful" in an interview published in Good Times, a local on-line 'zine.