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Mural Commissioned by Kelly Detweiler

In Willow Glen retail district the City of San Jose Public Art Program has commissioned the work for multiple local artists to create murals to encourage positive and vibrant artwork in the community. Among the artists chosen was our very own Kelly Detweiler. While talking to the property owners of the type of mural they were looking for Kelly was excited to learn that they wanted a landscape design, one of his favorite things to paint. During the planning phase a conveniently planned reunion of grads, organized by Kristen (Rieke) Morabito, reached out to Professor Detweiler to catch up on life after college. At dinner they graduates expressed interest in Kelly’s new project and enthusiastically wanted to lend a helping hand. The skilled painter helpers included: Kristen (Rieke) Morabito, Melina Ramirez, Clare Nauman, Armando Portillo, Charlotte Allen, Kathryn Fraser, and Luke Bartels. Along with the graduates Kelly also hired Bill Maul, an artist who helped Kelly with a mural in Davis. Professor Detweiler felt so lucky to have the help of previous students and it gave him great pride to see the beautiful work they could do. He would not have been able to finish in a timely manner without their help and he is very grateful.

The mural is located at 1041 Lincoln Ave. in Willow Glen. Another mural will be completed by Kelly in February on a Starbucks at the corner of Lincoln and Minnesota in Willow Glen.

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