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The Rise and Fall of the Hello Kitty Monument

A performance-lecture by Kathy Aoki

If you are interested in humorous commentary on cute/kitsch consumerism, museum studies, and/or the high-tech housing crisis, please read on...

On Thursday, November 3 at 6pm, Prof. Kathy Aoki, chair of the department of Art and Art History, will give a humorous performance-lecture as "curator" of a totally fake museum devoted to the fictitious Hello Kitty Monument, at the Berkeley Art Center in north Berkeley (about 50 miles north of SCU).

Entitled "The Rise and Fall of Hello Kitty Monument," the performance relates to her current solo show, "Formidable Fragments: Breaking Down the Cult of Cute" on display at the center through November 20th. The exhibition is set up as an ersatz, educational, Hello Kitty monument museum. Come to the show and check out the interactive map, authoritative video, commemorative stamping station, and large scale granite fragments from the monument. There is even a section about a protester who picketed the site. Beyond exploring obsessions with cute consumerism, the show also touches on museum sponsorship and high tech housing crises. Two of the video projects were created with the help of current COMM students Nick Duan and Katrina Storey, current Studio Art major Jessica Andzouana helped with 3-d modeling, and recent Studio Art alumni Kate Yanish and Evan Luckey assisted with traditional and digital art production.
The Rise and Fall of Hello Kitty Monument
Thurs. November 3, 6pm
Berkeley Art Center
in conjunction with the solo show:
Formidable Fragments: Breaking Down the Cult of Cute
Runs through Nov 20, 2016
W-Sun  11am - 5pm
Exhibition entry is free
Berkeley Art Center
1275 Walnut Street
Berkeley CA