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Conference Services

Preparing For Your Event

Ready to host your event at SCU? Great! So what's next?

Every group or organization looking to host an event or conference at Santa Clara University will need to provide Conference Services with the following:

  1. Signed Facilities Use Agreement 
  2. Housing & Facilities Guarantee Form - Due with Facilities Use Agreement
  3. Certificate of Insurance - Due at least one month prior to conference/event
  4. Verification of nonprofit status
  5. 20% deposit - Due within 30 days of receipt
  6. Dining Guarantee Form - Due at least 21 days prior to conference/event



Mission Gardens
  • What type of lodging accommodations will you need?
  • What types of meeting spaces will your event require?
    • What specific needs and capacities should these meeting spaces have?
  • What type of meals would you like to provide for your guests?
  • Will your guests need access to the Malley Fitness Center?
  • Will your guests be bring their own cars and/or how many parking permits might you need?
  • Will your group be going off-site with a shuttle bus?
  • What specific spaces or venues would you like to see while on campus?
  • How to get to/from campus using public transportation?
  • Will any of your attendees require special accommodations that should be considered when touring campus?
  • Will your group require any specific loading or unloading zones?
  • What is the tentative schedule that your event/conference may develop?
  • Will your attendees need linens during their stay?
  • Will their be any early arrivals or late departures within your group?
  • Make sure to also submit verification of non-profit or 501(c)3 status.
  • Contact your insurance provider in order to provide a certificate of coverage within the requirements outlined in the contract.
  • Please note that if you are organizing  a youth camp your chaperones and/or staff will need to have passed a background check.
  • Make sure to complete the Housing, Facilities & Dining Guarantee Form as accurately as possible as it will be used for final billing purposes. 
  • Make sure that you have submitted your Dining Guarantee Form
  • Submitted any dietary restrictions to Bon Appetit 
  • Communicated any late arrivals or early departures to Conference Services Staff
  • Submitted room setups for any meeting spaces being used
  • Received a roster template and have assigned all of your attendees to their rooms or apartments
  • Confirmed your check in and check out time with Conference Services staff
  • Communicated any dietary restrictions or special needs to Bon Appetit
  • Informed Conference Services staff of any packages that have been shipped to Santa Clara University 
  • You have confirmed any changes or alterations to your groups check-in and/or check-out time. 
  • Communicated the check in time and location to your attendees
  • Return all room keys and identification cards to the Conference Services Desk in Graham Hall
  • Complete the in-room comment cards
  • Complete the Customer Satisfaction Survey which will be e-mailed to the group contact
  • Complete payment of the final invoice within 30 days of receipt
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