Business School Administration

Caryn L. Beck-Dudley, J.D. Dean

George Chacko, Ph.D. Associate Dean

Helen Popper, Ph.D. Associate Dean

Elizabeth Barrón Silva, M.A. Senior Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration

Toby McChesney, Ed.D. Senior Assistant Dean, Graduate Business Programs

Jo-Anne Shibles, M.A. Senior Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Business Programs

Theresa Strickland, MBA Assistant Dean, Marketing and Communications

Emily Wilcox, MBA Assistant Dean, Strategic Initiatives and Dean\'s Office Relations

Gregory Baker, Ph.D. Executive Director, Food and Agribusiness Institutes

Kirthi Kalyanam, Ph.D. Executive Director, Retail Management Institute

Dennis Lanham, Senior Assistant Dean and Executive Director, Silicon Valley Executive Center

Chris Norris, Executive Director, Community of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Drew Starbird, Ph.D. Executive Director, My Own Business Institutes

Haidan Li, M.A., Ph.D. Chair, Accounting

Dongsoo Shin, MBA, Ph.D. Chair, Economics

Carrie Pan, Ph.D. Chair, Finance

Haibing Lu, Ph.D. Chair, Information Systems and Analytics

Manuel Velasquez, M.A., Ph.D Chair, Management & Entrepreneurship

Desmond Lo, Ph.D. Chair, Marketing

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