Center for Food Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Center for Food Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CFIE) has a long, distinguished history within the Leavey School of Business. Since its inception in 1973, the Center has graduated more than 800 MBA students, many of whom now hold executive and management positions in the food industry throughout the world. CFIE faculty members are recognized scholars and instructors with expertise in a wide range of food industry issues.

The Specialization in Food Innovation and Entrepreneurship is one of the few programs in the nation that combines a fully accredited MBA degree with an emphasis on innovation in the food industry and food industry management. Students pursuing the Specialization in Food Innovation and Entrepreneurship are eligible to receive financial aid from the CFIE.

The Feeding the World Pathway offers undergraduates the opportunity to focus on the complex interrelationships among food production, food consumption, hunger, poverty, and the environment. Students pursuing the Feeding the World Pathway are encouraged to apply for competitive research fellowships. Students chosen as fellows pursue an original research project for a year that focuses on the themes within the Feeding the World Pathway.

All students are encouraged to enhance their coursework with the enrichment programs offered by the CFIE. Through the internship and fellowship programs, students have the opportunity to apply their classroom education in a professional work environment. The Center's mentor program links students with food industry executives working in the student's area of interest. The immersive study program and field trips expose students to the rich diversity of the food industry through domestic and international learning experiences.

The Center hosts numerous educational events throughout the year. The Innovations in Food speaker series focuses on topics related to food, agricultural technology, and social and environmental responsibility. Another speaker series, The Business of ..., highlights the experience of executives or entrepreneurs in the food industry or with a food product. The CFIE also sponsors executive development programs, conferences, campus initiatives, and research projects.

For further information, please contact: [Center for Food Innovation and Entrepreneurship]{.underline}

Phone: 408-554-4086

Fax: 408-554-4777

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