Certified Equity Professional Institute

The Certified Equity Professional (CEP) Institute was established in 1989 to standardize the then emerging equity compensation administration profession. The CEP Institute offers three exams that are designed to ensure the knowledge required for success as an equity compensation professional, and to increase their credibility on issues pertinent to the industry. Our exams enable the measurement of basic (Level I), intermediate (Level II), and advanced (Level III) knowledge, skills, and abilities related to equity compensation administration. The CEP program is designed for those directly involved in the day-to-day management and administration of equity compensation plans, as well as those working in related fields such as investment banking, equity brokerage, tax accounting, and law. Upon completion of all three exams, the candidate receives the designation of Certified Equity Professional.

For further information, please contact:

Silicon Valley Executive Center

Phone: 408-554-4521

Email: svec\@scu.edu


Certified Equity Professional Institute

Phone: 408-554-2187

Email: cepi\@scu.edu


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