Silicon Valley Executive Center

Since 1957, the Silicon Valley Executive Center (SVEC) has collaborated with hundreds of companies to provide educational experiences geared toward developing effective leaders, stronger teams, and impactful management practices. The SVEC leverages its location and strong connections in the heart of Silicon Valley to deliver customized and innovative learning solutions designed to assist companies in tackling the biggest challenges of today's business environments. Operating in the entrepreneur and innovation hub of the world allows our faculty a deep understanding of the rapid pace of change in the modern business environment and the unique issues faced by companies today. We draw upon the complete university community and its network of distinguished educators, scholars, and practitioners, to build high-impact programs which help organizations solve critical problem. Our expertise spans corporate innovation, entrepreneurship and venture development, leadership and management excellence, ethics, strategy, analytics, and digital transformation. All of our programs are practical, engaging, and designed for maximum impact.

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