Welcome From the Dean

Go anywhere, from here.

This place is for the bold. The tenacious. The ambitious. A place to embrace the challenge of transforming ideas into action.

Here you'll collaborate with the most brilliant minds in entrepreneurship, ethics, innovation, and theory. And you'll do it all from the most prolific business environment on earth, Silicon Valley.

The Santa Clara University School of Business connects you, our students and alumni, in a strong network of successful people that spans industries and generations in and around Silicon Valley. Our network transcends us, providing invaluable connections at any stage in one's career. Being a Santa Clara Bronco creates an instantaneous bond with others who have been through our programs, creating a lasting and lifelong community always within reach.

Our program sits at the intersection of business and education, allowing you to apply what you're learning in real-time---to both local businesses and your own work---thus reaping the benefits of our program long before you graduate from our halls.

Our Jesuit ethics are deeply instilled in our community. They are what set us apart. We not only teach standard business practices, we teach you about the triple bottom line---people, profit and planet---and how to do what's best for all three.

The Santa Clara Business School's robust relationship with Silicon Valley, where experimentation and risk-taking are the norms, not the exceptions, provides hands-on experience for you and access to bright, eager leaders of tomorrow for global companies headquartered in the world's most dynamic economy.

So, whether you're searching for a degree, a program, or certificate, whether it's to rise above your peers, shift a career, or ignite a vision, from here you can go anywhere.


Caryn Beck-Dudley

Dean Leavey School of Business

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