Santa Clara University Senior Leadership

University Administration

Kevin O'Brien, S.J., J.D., President

Lisa A. Kloppenberg, J.D., Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Michael P. Crowley, MBA, Vice President for Finance and Administration

Michael B. Sexton, M.A., Vice President for Enrollment Management

James C. Lyons, MPA, Vice President for University Relations

Molly A. McDonald, J.D., Chief of Staff

Renee Baumgartner, Ph.D., Director of Athletics

John M. Ottoboni, J.D., Chief Operating Officer and Senior Legal Counsel

Michael Nuttall, Interim Executive Director, Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education

Dennis C. Smolarski, S.J., Interim Director of Campus Ministry

Office of the Provost

Lisa A. Kloppenberg, J.D., Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Daniel Press, Ph.D., Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Narendra Agrawal, Ph.D., Interim Dean, Leavey School of Business

Elaine Scott, Ph.D., Dean, School of Engineering

Anna M. Han, J.D., Interim Dean, School of Law

Sabrina Zirkel, Ph.D., Dean, School of Education and Counseling Psychology

Joseph G. Mueller, S.J., Dean, Jesuit School of Theology, Santa Clara University

Kate Morris, Ph.D., Vice Provost, Academic Affairs

Robert Owen, DPA, Vice Provost, Information Services, and Chief Information Officer

Ed Ryan, Ph.D., Vice Provost, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

Jeanne Rosenberger, M.A., Vice Provost, Student Life, and Dean of Students

College of Arts and Sciences

David Press, Ph.D., Dean

John Birmingham, Ph.D., Associate Dean

Juliana Chang, Ph.D., Associate Dean

Kathleen Villarruel Schneider, J.D., Senior Assistant Dean

Rafael D. Ulate, M.A., Senior Assistant Dean

Michelle Bezanson, Ph.D., Chair, Anthropology

Andrea Pappas, M.A., Chair, Art and Art History

David C. Hess, Ph.D., Chair, Biology

Eric S. Tillman, Ph.D., Chair, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Daniel W. Turkeltaub, Ph.D., Chair, Classics

Michael T. Whalen, MFA, Chair, Communication

Phyllis Brown, Ph.D., Chair, English

Virginia Matzek, Ph.D., Chair, Environmental Studies and Sciences

Amy Randall, Ph.D., Chair, History

Frank A. Farris, Ph.D., Chair, Mathematics and Computer Science

Jimia Boutouba, Ph.D., Chair, Modern Languages and Literatures

Bruno Ruviaro, DMA, Chair, Music

Scott LaBarge, Ph.D, Chair, Philosophy

Betty A. Young, Ph.D., Chair, Physics

Gregory P. Corning, Ph.D., Chair, Political Science

Matthew Bell, Ph.D., Chair, Psychology

David B. Gray, Ph.D., Chair, Religious Studies

Enrique S. Pumar, Ph.D. Chair, Sociology

David J. Popalisky, MFA, Chair, Theatre and Dance

Sharmila Lodhia, Ph.D., Chair, Women's and Gender Studies

Barbara M. Burns, Ph.D., Director, Child Studies Program

Anna Sampaio, Ph.D., Chair, Ethnic Studies Program

LTC Melan P. Salas, Director, Military Science Program

Christelle Sabatier, Ph.D., Director, Neuroscience Program

Katherine Saxton, Ph.D., Director, Public Health Program

Leavey School of Business

Narendra Agrawal, Ph.D., Interim Dean

Geroge Chacko, Ph.D., Associate Dean

Helen Popper, Ph.D. Associate Dean

Dennis Lanham, Executive Director, Silicon Valley Executive Center

Emily Wilcox, MBA, Assistant Dean, Strategic Initiatives and Deans Office Relations

Toby McChesney, Ph.D., Senior Assistant Dean, Graduate Business Programs

Andrea Shaw, Assistant Dean, Marketing and Communications

Jo-Anne Shibles, M.A., Senior Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Business Programs

Elizabeth Barron Silva, M.A., Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration

Haidan Li, Ph.D., Chair, Accounting

Dongsoo Shin, Ph.D., Chair, Economics

Carrie Pan, Ph.D., Chair, Finance

Gregory Baker, Ph.D, Interim Chair, Management

Desmond Lo, Ph.D., Chair, Marketing

Haibing Lu, Ph.D.,Chair , Information Systems and Analytics

School of Engineering

Elaine Scott, Ph.D., Dean, School of Engineering

Aleksandar Zecevic, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Graduate Programs

Ruth E. Davis, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs

Christopher Kitts, Associate Dean, Research and Faculty Development

David E. Clark, MBA, M.E., Senior Assistant Dean

Stephen A. Chiappari, Ph.D., Chair, Applied Mathematics

Zhiwen Zhang., Chair, Bioengineering

Ed Maurer, Ph.D., Chair, Civil Engineering

Nam Ling, Ph.D., Chair, Computer Engineering

Shoba Krishnan, Ph.D., Chair, Electrical Engineering

Paul Semenza, Chair, Engineering Management

Jessica Kuczenski, Ph.D., Director, General Engineering Program

Drazen Fabris, Ph.D., Chair, Mechanical Engineering

Centers of Distinction

Donald Heider, Ph.D., Executive Director, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Thane Kreiner, Ph.D., Executive Director, Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship

Michael Nuttall, Interim Executive Director, Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education

Administration and Finance

Michael P. Crowley, MBA, Vice President, Finance and Administration

Jessica Matsumori, MBA, Associate Vice President, Finance

Robin Reynolds, , Associate Vice President, Auxiliary Services

Charles Ambelang, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources

Christopher M. Shay, M.S., Assistant Vice President, University Operations

John E. Kerrigan, CFA, Chief Investment Officer

Enrollment Management

Michael B. Sexton, M.A., Vice President, Enrollment Management

Eva Blanco Masias, M.Ed., Dean of Undergraduate Admission

Nan Merz, M.S., Dean of University Financial Aid Services

University Relations

James C. Lyons, MPA, Vice President, University Relations

Nancy T. Calderon, B.A., Associate Vice President, Principal Gifts

Mike Wallace, B.A., Assistant Vice President, Constituent Relations

Kathryn Kale, BSC, Assistant Vice President, Alumni Relations

Celine Schmidek, MBA, Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communications

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