Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry is comprised of people who are committed to spiritual and personal growth. Its mission is to foster the spiritual life of our students.

  • In support of the University's mission to the "development of the whole person," Campus Ministry offers a variety of programs as well as pastoral presence to support that development, particularly the spiritual and personal aspects.

  • Campus Ministry provides a welcoming environment where faith may be explored, discovered, and developed through worship, retreats, small groups, and conversation.

  • In addition to eight full-time campus ministers, there are also 11 to 13 spirituality facilitators living in residence halls on campus, in addition to about 20 student staff.

What does Campus Ministry have to offer?

  • Worship: Three Sunday liturgies in the Mission Church, daily noon Mass in the Mission, weekly confession, University celebrations, prayer services, and ecumenical (Christian) and interfaith services throughout the year.

  • Retreats: Santa Clara students are offered a number of retreat experiences over the course of the academic year. Offerings include Search retreats, an Ignatian retreat, and a retreat for first-years students. Retreats are offered to persons of all faiths.

  • Prayer and reflection groups: The Christian Life Community program places students in small groups for weekly prayer and reflection. In addition, there are Interfaith Dinner Discussions, weekly Bible study, RLC small groups, and outreach to student athletes.

  • Leadership opportunities: Students explore the values of "servant leadership" by serving and leading in all program areas, as volunteers or in one of a number of paid internships.

  • Faith formation: Campus Ministry offers several opportunities for students to learn, reflect, and grow in regard to their faith through Scripture reflection, forums, and presentations. This includes preparation for the sacraments of baptism, first Eucharist, and confirmation in the Catholic Church.

  • Social justice awareness and action: Campus Ministry provides students with a variety of opportunities to live out a faith that does justice. Some key focus areas include participation in the annual Ignatian Family Teach-in for Justice, service at a local school, and the Catholic Relief Services Ambassador program.

  • Faith-based clubs: In partnership with the Center for Student Involvement, Campus Ministry aids in the mentoring and support of all faith-based registered student organizations.

  • Sacred spaces: Throughout campus, there are spaces that can be conducive for prayer, meditation, and reflection, such as the Mission Church, the Multifaith Sanctuary in St. Joseph's Hall, or the Meditation Room in Benson.

Is Campus Ministry for everyone?

Yes! We welcome the participation of anyone interested in spiritual and personal growth, regardless of faith tradition. This is a time for learning about yourself and our world, and we hope we can accompany you in that exploration and deepening of faith and spirituality.

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