Career Center

The Career Center at Santa Clara University takes a forward thinking approach to understanding our students' emerging learning needs and innovative educational and employer engagement models to facilitate and accelerate our students' personal and professional development. The heart of the Career Center's work involves a passion for helping students to find their fit and to discover the intersection between their talents, what brings them joy, and what the world needs. The Career Center offers programs to assist students in identifying their areas of natural talent and ways to develop and apply their strengths utilizing Gallup's Clifton Strengths for Students assessment and platform. Additionally, the Career Center offers a variety of programs and services each year including career fairs, employer information sessions, industry treks, classes and workshops on career strategies, career and strengths assessments, resume writing, LinkedIn labs, mock interviews, and appointments with career development specialists. Handshake, the Career Center\'s premier job and internship platform, connects students with over 14,000 employers offering job and internship opportunities, including over 10,000 internships posted in 2017. Students are encouraged to engage with the Career Center early and often in their exploration of Silicon Valley's vibrant employment marketplace with opportunities ranging from fellowships, internships, research opportunities, and full-time jobs. The Career Center also disseminates a range information, resources, and tools to support students in their career exploration and preparation through its website at

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