Catholic Studies

Director: Robert W. Scholla, S.J.

The minor in Catholic studies, open to students from all departments, is an interdisciplinary program for the study of the intellectual tradition of the Catholic faith. The minor is designed for intensive study of Catholicism as a faith embedded in many cultures and for the critical retrieval of the Catholic intellectual tradition through dialogue with contemporary thought under the rubrics of a variety of academic disciplines. Catholic studies minors are assigned a faculty mentor who guides them through the program. In conjunction with the Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education, the Catholic Studies program sponsors intellectual, cultural, social, and religious opportunities for both students and faculty.

Requirements for the Minor

Students must complete the following requirements for a minor in Catholic studies:

Foundational Courses

  • Two courses in Catholic theology from offerings in the Department of Religious Studies

  • One approved course from the Cultures & Ideas series (or equivalent)

Faith and Culture Courses

  • One specialized course in Catholic history

  • One course in Catholic literature

  • One specialized course in philosophy or an upper-division course in theology

  • Two approved elective courses in the study of Catholic societies or cultures

The Colloquium

During sophomore, junior, and senior years, students may participate in a 2-unit interdisciplinary colloquium. The colloquium meets one quarter each year for discussion of a range of relevant topics pertinent to the Catholic intellectual tradition and Catholic imagination. The colloquium is open to all Santa Clara students, but first priority is given to Catholic studies minors.

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