Musical Theatre

Director: Barbara Murray

The musical theatre minor offers experience and training in music, theatre, and dance as well as musical theatre history. Musical theatre is prominent in America as art, entertainment, social commentary, and civic engagement; it therefore plays a part in Jesuit education of the whole person for the service of others. The objectives of this program include entry-level proficiency for a career in performance, enhancement in teaching, or further training in graduate school; audition techniques; performance of acting, singing, and theatrical dance; and knowledge of the cultural history and various forms of musical theatre. The student may pursue and must declare one of two tracks: American musical theatre or lyric theatre (opera/operetta).

Requirements for the Minor

All students must complete the following:

  • Theory: MUSC 1 and 1A

  • Singing: MUSC 34 and three quarters of on-campus private voice instruction

  • Acting: THTR 8, 10, or 24

  • Dance: DANC 40 and 41 (or higher level depending upon proficiency) for American musical theatre track; DANC 43 and 46 (or higher level depending upon proficiency) for lyric theatre track

In addition to the above, students must complete the following based on their track:

American musical theatre:

  • DANC 55/155; and two of the following: THTR 123, THTR 165, and THTR 80/180

Lyric theatre:

  • THTR 123, and two of the following: MUSC 109 (or may be taken as independent study), MUSC 53/153, and MUSC 194

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