Urban Education

Director: Carol Ann Gittens

The interdisciplinary minor in urban education provides Santa Clara undergraduate students seeking to become elementary or secondary teachers with the basics in educational theory, urban school observation and reflective experiences, Constitutional history of the United States, and the sociological and psychological foundations of education. The urban education minor has two distinctive components. First, the minor contains foundational courses necessary for a career in education. Second, the minor focuses on societal problems such as poverty, crime, and prejudice, and how these issues impact today's youth and families. Through the urban education minor, students will critically evaluate the modern social challenges facing teachers and policymakers who struggle daily with how to strengthen the educational experience for children. This minor is recommended for students from diverse majors who are interested in careers that involve working directly with children and families from multicultural and multifaceted backgrounds. Only two (2) courses in a student's major can be used to fulfill requirements in the urban education minor.

Requirements for the Minor

Students must complete the following requirements for a minor in urban education:

  • POLI 1 or HIST 96A or 96B

  • CHST 106, 138

  • PSYC 134

  • PSYC 172 or 185

  • Two upper-division electives selected from the following: CHST 104, 111; ENGL 104, 105; ETHN 157, 161; SOCI 153, 157, 175

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