Centers, Institutes, and Special Programs

Accelerated Cooperative Education Program

The Accelerated Cooperative Education (ACE) program offers a unique, challenging, and rewarding experience for business students. Participants receive a program of workshops designed to build, strengthen, and enhance their professional development and leadership skills, networking with ACE business partner companies for paid summer internship opportunities, mentoring by senior executives, and fast-track admission to the Santa Clara MBA program. Students are selected into this program through an application process.

Ciocca Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Ciocca Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship serves as an on-campus interdisciplinary hub that enhances and creates opportunities for students to experience, research, collaborate, and advance innovation and entrepreneurship. The center connects students to support, resources, mentorship, competitions, and thought leadership opportunities in these dynamic areas. Some of Ciocca Center's hands-on opportunities include a robust entrepreneurship speaker series, the Global Venture Capital Investment Competition, the Business Pitch Competition, and the Bronco Venture Accelerator and Prep School that allows students to learn the steps involved in launching their own venture. Students have the opportunity to connect with, and learn from distinguished alumni, venture capitalists, and other industry professionals.

Center for Food Innovation and Entrepreneurship (formerly Food and Agribusiness Institute)

The Center for Food Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CFIE) offers undergraduate and graduate courses on topics related to innovation and entrepreneurship in the food industry. At the undergraduate level, CFIE sponsors the Feeding the World Pathway. For students interested in a career in the food industry, CFIE sponsors a graduate MBA Concentration in Food Entrepreneurship. Enrichment programs offer students the opportunity to enhance their educational experience through internships, research fellowships, field trips, and a mentor program. An immersive study course and field experiences organized by CFIE expose students to the rich diversity of the food industry through domestic and international travel. CFIE also hosts events, lectures, food industry research, conferences, and programs for the campus and for the food industry community.

Global Fellows

Created in 2008 through the Leavey School of Business, the Global Fellows Program is a premier professional fellowship program open to undergraduate sophomores and juniors of all majors. The Global Fellows Program is a nine-month, mixed disciplinary program dedicated to fostering global citizens of competence, conscience, and compassion.

The Global Fellows Program sends up to 30 students to work for a nongovernmental organization (NGO) or business that embodies the ideal of global leadership and reflects the increasing level of globalization in our world. Each organization varies in its methods and values. All provide an exposure to global citizenship through an enhanced understanding of cultural, economic, social, political, and technological factors that underlie social injustice, marginalization, and privilege. Selected fellows participate in a spring quarter leadership practicum that engages their knowledge of global citizenship and what it means to be a leader in the 21st century. Following spring quarter, fellows head to a developing country for a 6- to 8-week internship with the organization for whom they have been selected. The Global Fellows Program is a unique program, offering a global professional and civic engagement opportunity, comprised of internship, travel, and cultural immersion.

Leavey Scholars Program

The Leavey Scholars Program offers special opportunities for undergraduate business students who have established a record of excellence in their Santa Clara studies. Leavey Scholars are invited to enroll in honors sections of selected business courses that are especially rigorous and academically challenging. Successful completion of the program warrants the designation "Leavey Scholar" on the student's transcript.

Leavey School of Business Community Fellows Program

The Leavey School of Business (LSB) Community Fellows program places business students in paid, yearlong internships in community organizations (e.g., government, nonprofit, or education agencies). Students apply business knowledge and skills to real-world situations in local community organizations. Participation in a yearlong academic seminar is required. Students explore issues of economic disparity, community development, and organizational management as well as reflect on the professional development skills and abilities needed to be effective in a variety of business settings.

My Own Business Institute (MOBI)

The My Own Business Institute (MOBI) offers online, self-paced courses on how to start and how to grow a business. MOBI students acquire the tools, training, and resources needed to create economic opportunity by launching a new business. MOBI coursework is used by universities, schools, nonprofits, and government agencies all over the world. Certification by MOBI demonstrates expertise and commitment for any kind of career in business. MOBI is designed to help people from any background pursue their dream of owning a business.

Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative

Launched in January 2012, the Leavey School of Business Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative (NPI) provides opportunities for students to work directly with businesses, individuals, and organizations in low-income neighborhoods in Silicon Valley. The goal of NPI is to create economic opportunity in our most challenged neighborhoods while offering a community-based learning experience to our Santa Clara undergraduate students. The primary component of NPI is the Field Studies course (BUSN 188) which satisfies the Experiential Learning for Social Justice requirement in the University's Core Curriculum.

Retail Management Institute

The Retail Management Institute (RMI) is a recognized academic partner of the retail industry. We have a strong reputation for developing strategic leaders with the advanced skills necessary for success in the new technology-infused world of retail.

RMI provides a platform for deep collaboration between industry luminaries and leading academics into the emerging and evolving concepts impacting retail today. The knowledge generated from this collaboration forms the basis of our curriculum.

The minor in retail studies offered by the Retail Management Institute is an in-depth immersion experience that prepares students for a diverse set of leadership roles including e-commerce, buying, merchandising, planning and allocation, digital marketing, and supply chain management. The program is open to all University undergraduates. Students entering the retail studies minor continue to major in their field of interest and receive their bachelor's degree in that field.

Senior Leadership Academy

The Senior Leadership Academy provides undergraduate business seniors the opportunity at in-depth exploration of a leadership topic relevant to postgraduate life. Each academy theme varies based upon current topics students will deal with throughout their senior year and postgraduate life. Students are selected through an application process and participate in a two-quarter experience that includes mentoring, directed reading, and guided reflection.

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