SCU Study Abroad

Santa Clara offers students opportunities to study abroad during four terms: summer, fall, winter, and spring. Many study abroad programs operate on a semester system with resulting units earned exceeding the usual maximum for courses completed on campus. Academic calendars abroad may differ significantly from the on-campus academic calendar at the University. Because the programs with which Santa Clara University is affiliated vary in length, SCU Study Abroad evaluates each program to determine the appropriate maximum and minimum units for the term. Approved programs offer students opportunities to integrate with the host culture and foster personal reflection in the context of rigorous study. Programs may allow students to pursue independent research, attend classes with local students, participate in community-based learning, or gain professional experience through academic internships, which, in turn, can serve as a basis for senior capstone projects.

During their first two years at Santa Clara, students build a foundation for the academic work they will pursue abroad. Students are encouraged to work with their academic advisor early to plan for study abroad, and to explore their goals with SCU Study Abroad staff in the Global Engagement Office. SCU Study Abroad values diversity and inclusion and encourages students from all backgrounds to apply for study abroad. In addition, Santa Clara students are strongly encouraged to pursue opportunities in traditionally underrepresented geographic areas of the world. The goal is for student learning in the approved programs to build on and extend the on-campus curriculum. Students from underrepresented academic disciplines such as the sciences, engineering, and fine and performing arts are strongly urged to apply.

SCU Study Abroad is a privilege and the application process is competitive. The selection process is designed to offer study abroad opportunities to students who have thoughtfully selected programs that will significantly advance their academic, personal, and professional goals. Students are strongly encouraged to study abroad for a summer, quarter, or semester in a country and academic environment that will enrich their overall college experience and engender responsible participation in a global, multicultural society.

Credit earned through SCU Study Abroad counts toward graduation requirements either as elective credit or, with appropriate approval, may fulfill major, minor, and Core requirements. Grades are calculated into the Santa Clara University GPA and all credit and grades appear on the Santa Clara University transcript. The University is committed to offering equal access to study abroad opportunities and therefore extends all available financial aid to students to support SCU Study Abroad during the fall, winter, and spring. However, matriculated students who study abroad while withdrawn from the University are ineligible for financial aid and scholarships, and financial aid is not available for summer study abroad programs.

The SCU Study Abroad application process involves two steps: (1) approval of the application by the Global Engagement Office; then (2) approval of a program-specific application by the study abroad program. In addition, participation is contingent upon satisfactory completion of all program prerequisites and related courses, satisfactory academic progress toward the student's major, and participation in SCU Study Abroad mandatory pre-departure orientation and re-entry meetings. Normally, students apply for study abroad six months to one year prior to participation. During the selection process, the Global Engagement Office reviews applications with participation from faculty and staff from throughout the University. The Office reserves the right to redirect students to alternate programs due to institutional considerations.

To apply for study abroad, students must be admitted to degree status at the University, have declared a major with the Office of the Registrar, and expect to have completed a minimum of 88 quarter units by the start of the academic program abroad. Normally, students participate in SCU Study Abroad during their junior or senior year, but sophomores with extenuating academic circumstances may request an exception to the eligibility policy. Santa Clara requires a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 for off-campus study; requirements for individual programs may be more rigorous. Successful applicants will meet or exceed Santa Clara's requirements and that of their proposed program. Priority admission may be given to applicants for Santa Clara's own programs, including exchanges. Students must receive approval through the on-campus application process to receive credit for major, minor, or Core requirements completed through study abroad.

Students on disciplinary probation or any form of suspension are not eligible for any study abroad programs. Students who earn a grade of "D" or "F" in any course in the term preceding their program may become ineligible for off-campus study. Students must clear any outstanding balances with the Bursar's Office in accordance with the Bursar's Office payment schedule to remain eligible for participation. The University does not approve study in countries for which the U.S. Department of State (DOS) has declared a Travel Warning, see []{.underline}. Withdrawn students who study abroad may be eligible to receive a maximum of 10 units of elective credit toward graduation requirements, in keeping with the University's policy on transfer credit, but no credit earned while withdrawn from the University may count toward a student's major, minor, or Core requirements. Students should consult the policies governing units taken at other institutions in Chapter 8, Academic and Administrative Policies and Regulations.

For detailed information about individual programs, including eligibility requirements, contact SCU Study Abroad at or 408-551-3019, or visit the SCU Study Abroad website at []{.underline}. Students are urged to attend a Study Abroad 101 session to gain general information and to drop in for advising with SCU Study Abroad Staff in the Global Engagement Office, located on the first floor of Varsi Hall, for information about the competitive application process.

Current approved study abroad programs are listed on the SCU Study Abroad website at []{.underline}.

Note: Santa Clara University may be obliged to alter or eliminate programs at any time.

Santa Clara directly administers study abroad programs in El Salvador and Costa Rica. The El Salvador programs are available to students enrolled in other universities; the Costa Rica program is available only to undergraduate students admitted to degree status at Santa Clara University.

El Salvador

Co-Directors: Kevin Yonkers-Talz, Trena Yonkers-Talz

The SCU Casa de la Solidaridad program in El Salvador is a semester study abroad program. During the semester program, students integrate classroom learning with experiential community-based learning in marginal Salvadoran communities. Students live in community with other students as well as Salvadoran students and engage in community field placement projects for two full days per week. The summer program has been designed for students interested in health professions. During the summer, students engage in a fieldwork placement four afternoons a week in either a hospital or clinic supervised by Salvadoran medical professionals. Students take one of two Spanish courses, depending on their language proficiency, and the field praxis course. For information about current courses offered, see []{.underline}. The semester and summer programs are open to students from other Jesuit universities and other institutions with which Santa Clara University has an affiliation.

Costa Rica

The Costa Rica summer program offers students an opportunity to experience the astounding biodiversity of Costa Rica's natural ecosystems while appreciating the challenges this small Central American nation faces in sustainably developing its economy and providing livelihoods for its people. Students enroll in two courses taught by a Santa Clara University instructor and upon successful completion of the course requirements receive a total of 10 units of credit. Students have one week of pre-field instruction at Santa Clara, then spend three weeks studying in Costa Rica, staying at biological field stations or tourist. Opportunities to meet Costa Ricans and other Latin American students, learn Spanish, and do community service complement the academic offerings, which focus on drawing, observing nature, understanding rainforest ecology, and learning about sustainable development and ecotourism.

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