Study Abroad and Global Programs

Global Engagement at Santa Clara University provides students with opportunities to participate in a range of global programs. Students are strongly encouraged to study abroad for a summer, quarter, or semester in a country and academic environment that will enrich their overall college experience and engender responsible participation in a global, multicultural society. Study abroad at Santa Clara University is a privilege, not a right. Programs are available during the fall, winter, and spring are highly competitive and not all qualified applicants may be nominated. The nomination process is designed to offer study abroad opportunities to students who have thoughtfully selected programs that will significantly advance their academic and professional goals. Students are encouraged to work with their academic advisor early to plan for study abroad, and to explore their goals with Study Abroad staff.

Santa Clara approved programs offer students opportunities to integrate with the host culture and foster personal reflection in the context of rigorous study. Programs may allow students to pursue independent research, attend classes with local students, participate in community-based learning, or gain professional experience through academic internships, which, in turn, can serve as a basis for senior capstone projects.

Study abroad during the summer is not competitive. Students may study abroad during the summer following their first year, sophomore year, or junior year. Students studying abroad during the fall, winter, or spring terms may do so once during their time as an undergraduate at Santa Clara.

Global Engagement values diversity and inclusion and encourages students from all backgrounds to apply for study abroad. In addition, Santa Clara students are strongly encouraged to pursue opportunities in traditionally underrepresented geographic areas of the world. Students from underrepresented academic disciplines such as the sciences, engineering, and fine and performing arts are strongly urged to apply. The goal is for student learning in the approved programs to build on and extend the on-campus curriculum.

Students are urged to review the Get Started section of the Study Abroad website; attend a Study Abroad 101 session to gain more general information about the competitive application process; and contact thea Study Abroad team advisor in Global Engagement for further advising and support. Students should refer to complete policies and procedures on the Global Engagement website including:

The department reserves the right to alter or eliminate programs at any time or redirect students to alternate programs due to institutional considerations. Priority admission may be given to applicants for Santa Clara's own programs, including exchanges.

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