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Digital Signs

Digital signs in Lucas Hall are intended to be a resource for SCU School of Business students, staff, faculty, alumni, and guests of the School and University.

Twelve high-resolution digital displays are located throughout Lucas Hall, and content is supervised by the Business School Dean's Office Marketing & Communications team. Three of these display in a vertical (portrait) format; the rest are displayed horizontally (landscape).

Slides run in a looping playlist of 12 slides; each slide appears for approximately 15 seconds. Slides will run for a maximum of 14 days; we are happy to post a different looking sign after that period.

Posting on the digital signs is available for events or news of interest to Santa Clara University business students, alumni and faculty. Content must be submitted to the Business School Marketing & Communications office by a recognized university entity for approval.

Powerpoint Templates

Digital Sign Checklist

Before you start the form (here »), make sure:

  1. Is the sign in the right format?
    Please submit your sign in either our PowerPoint template (.pptx) provided above.

  2. Is the sign in the right size?
    The above templates are already sized correctly, but:
    Horizontal signs measure 1920 pixels wide by 1080 high
    Vertical signs measure 1080 wide by 1920 high
    Note: If only one size is submitted, we may opt not to run the sign on the other monitors.

  3. Does the sign have all contact information on it?
    An email contact and/or URL with more information must be included.
    Note: If an event sign is submitted without the required ADA text it will not be posted.

  4. Is the sign announcing an event less than one week from now?
    Due to the heavy volume of sign requests, we cannot guarantee less than a 72-hour turnaround. We request you submit your material at least one week before your sign is to go up — and in fairness to your audience, you should run the sign two weeks prior to the event!

  5. Does the sign promote a commercial venture or is it from a non-SCU-related organization?
    Business School editors reserve the right to deny any posting deemed inappropriate for the purposes of digital signage (see above introductory statement).

Questions? Contact us at