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Women In Real Estate

The New Faces of Women In Real Estate

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.  Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. Helen Keller          

6 Lessons From Women in Real Estate

Women are gaining notoriety in commercial real estate, but more support within the industry is necessary to encourage future female entrepreneurs to ascend the ladder of leadership.   

Women who collaborate and boost each other up succeed in the high-demand of commercial real estate.  Those companies with more women statistically perform better.

1.  The human touch is paramount in real estate

Disruption has been coming for more than 10 years now and still hasn’t happened.  People still want a person as an advisor or consultant.  Technology disruption has largely eluded the commercial space because “brokers don’t want to be disrupted.”

2.  Technology must meet your needs

Question a technology provider if they will not entertain integration with other applications essential to business.  Strong providers recognize the value in open architecture, allowing an overall easier workflow through the connection of services needed to efficiently conduct business. 

3.  Quality of life at work matters

Real estate companies are shifting their culture not only to attract younger talent but also to improve satisfaction among current agents and staff.  Millennials will soon be the largest demographic in the workforce.  

4.  Effect change by becoming part of it

One of the most effective ways for women to establish themselves in the male-dominated tech space is by embracing opportunities to test technology offerings.  Don’t just use a commercial real estate technology—give feedback. Become an active user

5.  Commercial clients demand smart tech, too

There is a movement toward smart buildings in smart cities.  Buildings are becoming greener and offering more smart tech options for tenants.  We are seeing a definite desire on the part of tenants and firms to have a smaller footprint.   

6.  Women must make their presence known.

In order for women to become local real estate authorities, they have to go to events and make the effort to get to know people. Make the calls to connect with mentors; show up and ask questions

Source — Jacob Knabb, National Association of REALTORS®