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The 2014 senior survey shows a placement rate of approximately 88%.

Of the 66 students surveyed, 6 indicated they were not seeking post-graduation employment, and 53 indicated they had accepted a position. In 2015, 86% (87% of accounting majors and 77% of A&IS majors) indicated that they had accepted a position by spring of the senior year. These are the highest placement rates in the Business School.

Our majors also report high levels of internship participation. In 2014, 86% of Accounting and 100% of A&IS majors reported participating in an internship or externship experience by senior year. In 2015, 88% of seniors had participated in an internship; 54% reported 2 or more internships.

The department was recognized by LinkedIn as number 8 in their national list of the best schools for accounting, based on job placement.