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Silicon Valley Executive Center CAAP Scholarship Program

The Silicon Valley Executive Center (SVEC) offers a scholarship for individuals who want to transition into a career in accounting but have no prior experience in the field.

The CAAP curriculum comprises eight undergraduate-level courses, all of which may be completed on weekends. In addition to professional development workshops and networking opportunities, the accounting program offers students the chance to start their careers as soon as they graduate.


This 10-month program offers successful applicants all the prerequisite accounting units needed to take the California CPA Exam. In addition to workshops, tutoring, and networking events, alumni ambassadors help awardees to build their professional network. The university also provides career support to successful applicants through resume workshops and career fairs.


Successful applicants will be provided with a $3,500 scholarship towards their CAAP program tuition.


If you are interested in this opportunity, submit your application to


Apply  for the Silicon Valley Executive Center CAAP Scholarship

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