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Become a CEP

Be part of the exciting world of equity compensation. CEPs have:

  • exCEPtional SKILLS

  • exCEPtional Knowledge

  • exCEPtional Training

Be exCEPtional!

The CEP designation demonstrates that you are an expert in the equity compensation field. It gives you, and your employer, confidence in your skills, abilities and knowledge.


Potential CEPs

Since 1989, the Certified Equity Professional Institute has focused on the needs of the equity compensation industry. The CEPI provides the expertise required for designing, managing and administering equity compensation plans. The CEPI offers the only internationally recognized designation for equity compensation professionals. Combined with its relevant industry research, professional development opportunities and extensive networking connections, the CEPI is an essential resource for all equity compensation professionals.

Carole Payne, CEP
“The CEP certification has enhanced my performance and credibility at my company while giving me greater confidence in my abilities.”