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Exam Locations

CEP Exam Locations

General location information:
All exam locations are subject to change and are routinely reviewed to best accommodate our exam candidates.  The actual location of an exam may be outside of the city limits of the named city.  Candidates will be notified of the exact exam location approximately three weeks prior to the exam.

US Exam Locations

Arlington, VA Eden Prairie, MN Orlando, FL
Atlanta, GA Fairfield, CT Philadelphia, PA
Boston, MA Greensboro, NC Phoenix, AZ
Chicago, IL Houston, TX Salt Lake City, UT
Cincinnati, OH Los Angeles, CA San Diego, CA
Cleveland, OH Nashville, TN Santa Clara, CA
Dallas, TX New York, NY Seattle, WA
Denver, CO Northern NJ  
Detroit, MI Oakland, CA  


Non -US Exam Locations

Arranged on an individual basis.  Candidates who test outside of the US may be required to:

  • assist in arranging a suitable location
  • assist in securing a suitable proctor
  • allow other candidates in the vicinity to test at that location

Note that non-US exams may be administered on the Monday following the regularly scheduled date.  Candidates will be notified of the exam date at least three weeks prior to the test, but should be aware that the exam date may be modified. 

You can register online here using MyCEP - the online data management system. (opens in a new window).


NOTE: MyCEP is designed to work with Firefox 3.0 +.  If you are using an older version of this browser, some features of MyCEP may not work properly.  The CEPI recommends that you upgrade to the latest version before launching MyCEP.  Upgrades are available from Mozilla.