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Study Materials

CEPI Study Materials

The Course Study Materials for the 2017 exams include a binder (supplied by the CEPI) and several reference textbooks.


The CEPI updates all study materials on an annual basis.  Ensure that you are using the current materials by referencing the information below. Also, the XYZ Plan documents in the CEPI binder were substantially modified in 2016 and updated for 2017. Candidates MUST use the 2017 versions. Returning candidates who tested prior to 2016, should be especially careful to review and study the plans as there have been many changes. Additionally, the GPS: Employee Stock Purchase Plans was updated in 2015. Candidates should check the date on the cover of the publication to ensure they are using the correct version.

The CEP Institute Binder contains the syllabi, reading lists and reference documents for all 3 exam levels. Therefore, candidates will receive one binder per calendar year (i.e. if a candidate registers for the June exam and the November exam in the same calendar year, they will receive ONE binder). The binder also contains required readings (reference documents) as outlined in the syllabi. The Binder is included with tuition and is sent to the candidate to the address provided during registration.

In addition to the Binder, candidates are required to purchase additional reference textbooks. Significant discounts have been negotiated for the required textbooks through NCEO ( It is the candidate's responsibility to acquire these additional materials. Confirmation of your registration will include ordering instructions. Please note the level(s) for which each reference text is required.

The exams are open book and candidates must bring the required texts to the exam. Please note that the NCEO sells printed copies and digital versions of the text books. Only the printed versions of the text are allowed in the exam.  Digital versions are NOT permitted in the exams under any circumstances.

General Study Overview (approx 30 minutes)

This webinar provides an overview of the study materials (including the binder) and general study tips.

Please Note


It is the responsibility of the candidate to make sure that all study materials are applicable to the current calendar year. Please note the edition numbers and/or publication dates to ensure you have the correct books, reading lists and binder material.

The  is no longer included in the Course Binder.  Please review the Certification Information Handbook. You will be held responsible for all of the information contained in the handbook, so please familiarize yourself with all of the information.

General Study Overview Webinar (approx 30 minutes)

This webinar provides an overview of the study materials (including the binder) and general study tips.