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CEP Honor Roll

In recognition of companies that have demonstrated a true commitment to the CEP designation, the CEPI recognizes the following companies on the CEP Honor Roll*.

The CEP Honor Roll does not address the following points.  Honor Roll companies may be able to provide a more complete CEP picture by addressing:

  • What percent of staff with primary responsibilities in stock compensation are CEP certified?
  • What percent of staff with corporate client contact responsibilities are CEP certified?
  • What percent of staff who will be speaking to company executives are CEP certified?
  • How many candidates are currently actively seeking CEP certification?
Click here for a list of companies that have at least one CEP on staff.


Honor Roll as of  January 2014

70 or More CEPs
Fidelity Stock Plan Services

40 to 49 CEPs
E*TRADE Corporate Services

20 to 29 CEPs
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

10 to 19 CEPs
AST Equity Plan Solutions
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Charles Schwab
Equity Administration Solutions, Inc.
Stock & Option Solutions

Issuer Honorable Mention - Issuers with a minimum of 4 CEPs
Broadcom Corporation
Cisco Systems
Equinix, Inc.
Gilead Sciences, Inc.


A company must have a minimum of 10 employees with the CEP designation to be listed on the CEP Honor Roll.  As a result, companies with a limited workforce may have a high percentage of employees with a CEP designation but will not be included in the list.

*Note:  Information is made available with the consent of the listed company.   Each company is required to certify in August and January that CEPs are employed by the company.  The CEPI cannot be held responsible for false information or assurances by such companies. 


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