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Hire a CEP

Hiring a new employee is a big investment.  Don’t you want to make the most of that investment?  By hiring a CEP designee you are hiring an experienced equity compensation professional that has made had made a clear commitment to expertise in the equity compensation industry.  Through that commitment and knowledge, CEPs are ideal liaisons between all internal and external constituencies with a complete understanding of the interrelated responsibilities of each. The designation provides:

  •  the highest industry standard for knowledge in comprehensive equity compensation matters
  • an industry-recognized standard for job related knowledge
  • national recognition of professional achievement
  • the essential tool for maintaining high professional standards
  • commitment to a comprehensive understanding of equity compensation core disciplines

The CEP designation is the only recognized professional credential in the equity compensation industry.   The CEP designation should be a standard qualification for equity compensation positions.
Individuals with the CEP designation can be identified here.

If you are interested in hiring a CEP, you may post a job listing on the CEPI Job Bank.  There are no fees to post a position, and listings remain on the Job Bank for three months or until you request its removal.

To post a position, please click here.