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Public Comment

GPS Public Comment

Santa Clara University’s Certified Equity Professional Institute (CEPI) is pleased to announce that the GPS | Global Stock Plans publication has been released in draft format for public comment.  The CEPI invites individuals and organizations to send written comments on all matters in this draft.


In 2007, the CEPI launched an initiative to provide unbiased, university based research to address risk assessment and identify best practices for the equity compensation community. The project was titled GPS – or Guidance, Procedures and Systems. Since that time, the CEPI has published six research documents, each addressing a different facet of equity compensation.

"Global Stock Plans" was published in 2009 as a resource for companies that had participants in various countries. Since that time, global equity plans have increased in usage and complexity. In 2017, the CEPI initiated an update to the publication to reflect the changes in the scope and usage of equity worldwide. The draft release of the update is now available.

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