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News and Events

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September 2017 CEPI Quarterly News and Events 


Congratulations to Our Newest CEPs
who passed Level 3 in June!

Cody Anderson, CEP
Benjamin R. Beecher, CEP 
Madison Braun, CEP
Sara Brennan, CEP 
Gary Breon, CEP 
Thomas J. Bridges, CEP 
Siew Burgess, CEP 
Mark Burke Jr., CEP
Christopher Childers, CEP 
Daniel Coleman, CEP 
Jack Collins, CEP 
Oscar Contreras, CEP 
Kyle Dagenbach, CEP 
Lisa Dalton, CEP 
Minerva Diaz, CEP 
Aleksandra Digiovanni, CEP
Bryan R. Dimond, CEP 
Vince DiNielli, CEP 
Elizabeth Dorning, CEP 
Samuel P. DuBro, CEP 
Louise Feeney, CEP 
Timothy Flanders, CEP 
Onika C. Fletcher, CEP 
Matthew D. Franklin, CEP 
V. Rees Franklin, CEP 
Patrick Gabel, CEP 
Aoife Goggin, CEP
Karen Goodsell, CEP 
Kate Hall, CEP 
Dana R. Harms, CEP 
Pamela Hoopes, CEP 
Abby Huffman, CEP
Shawna Hundley, CEP 
Ginika Igwe, CEP
Briant Johnson, CEP
Taylor Jones, CEP 
Srinivas R. Kalakoti, CEP 
David Kaufman, CEP 
Kathryn Kemper, CEP
Andrea Kidwell, CEP
Megan King, CEP 
Rachael King, CEP 
Margaret Kingston, CEP 
Matt Kirby, CEP
Jeanette Kuhl, CEP 
Carol Laurie, CEP 
Brandon Laverriere, CEP 
Cheryl Lewis, CEP 
Thomas Lewis, CEP 
Scott Ly, CEP 
Anthony C. Marietti, CEP, 
M. Kilian Marsh, CEP 
Chase Martell, CEP 
Auddrena Mauga, CEP 
Michael McDonnell, CEP 
Terri McDowell, CEP 
Natalie Nicole Moore, CEP 
Zach Morgan, CEP
Melissa Navarro, CEP 
Anh Jaime Nguyen, CEP
Viet Nguyen, CEP 
Greg Osborn, CEP
Alison Pangilinan, CEP
Daniel Pefferman, CEP 
Ashley M. Petteys, CEP
Ryan J. Pinto, CEP 
Stephanie Price, CEP 
Filipe Proenca, CEP 
Klaus J. Radermacher, CEP 
Trevin Rard, CEP 
Don Redwine, CEP 
Jesus Manuel Renteria, CEP 
Cynthia Reyes, CEP 
Ramon Rivera, CEP
Ryan Ross, CEP
Aaron Michael Rosser, CEP 
Joseph S. Rufner, CEP
Stacie Sands, CEP 
Guy Jackson Schouten, CEP 
Fay Ann Sherris, CEP
Robert Slaughter, CEP 
Aykel T. Smith, CEP 
Andrew M. Snead, CEP 
Dina Snow, CEP 
Audra Stepien, CEP 
William J. Storey II, CEP 
Seng Tang, CEP 
Jared Thomas, CEP 
Rochelle L. Tolon, CEP 
Ray Tumacder, CEP 
Jeannie Twomey, CEP 
Ting Ye, CEP


Announcing the 2017 Marilyn J. Perkins Claassen Memorial Scholarship Winners

This scholarship is awarded to two members of the stock plan community who wish to pursue the CEP designation. The successful applicant will demonstrate many of the same qualities that Marilyn demonstrated such as: commitment to improving the stock plan profession, public service, integrity, enthusiasm, energetic approach, and passion for the importance of obtaining the CEP designation.  

Please join us in congratulating the winners of the 2017 Marilyn J. Perkins Claassen Memorial Scholarship: 

 Novak, Josh - Photo_1

Joshua Novak - Scholarship sponsored by the CEP Institute
 Vicky Trees_1

Victoria Trees - Scholarship sponsored by Computershare

November 4 CEP Exam - Registration Closes Soon!

The CEP textbooks are available for purchase from the NCEO website. Be sure to use the CEP Student Texts tab in Publications on the NCEO website to purchase your materials for your preparation for a CEP exam.  Please note that exam materials are updated each year. 2017 exam materials are now available.


Please refer to the following schedule for important dates:

Exam Date

Registration Deadline

Deferral Deadline

November 4, 2017

September 22, 2017
October 20, 2017

June 9, 2018

April 27, 2018

May 25, 2018




Save the Date!

The 14th Annual CEP and Silicon Valley NASPP Symposium will be on March 27, 2018. Mark your calendars and watch for more information in the coming weeks about The ​Best One Day Event in Equity Compensation.

See You There!

2017 GEO National Equity Compensation Forum - September 13-15, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 
Don't miss Dee Crosby's panel presentation Friday September 15th: A Different Kind of Tech Boom: Why Your Global Communications Strategy Must Embrace Technology

25th Annual NASPP Conference &
​ Exhibition - October 17-20, Washington, DC
The CEP Institute will be at booth #812. Come say hello and be sure to attend Dee Crosby's panel on October 18: ​Global Stock in Jeopardy!


Representing the CEP Designation

The CEPI encourages people to highlight their participation in the CEP Program in their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, on name badges at conferences, in bios when speaking at industry events, in membership directories, etc.  The CEPI has worked hard for many years to build the credibility of the CEP mark and we appreciate it being used appropriately.  The CEPI has some guidelines on how to include your participation in the program. 

For CEPs: 
Please highlight your important achievement by using the CEP mark (CEP preceded by a comma) following your first and last name.  You may also list your certification in your resume or bio.  On your LinkedIn profile, please list your designation under the Education section with a link to the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University.  You may also list your designation under Certificates and specify the date you received your certification. 

For candidates who have completed Level One or Level Two: 
Until a candidate has passed all three levels of the program, the candidate may describe their accomplishment in their professional biography, resume or LinkedIn profile (under Education section) as "Jane Doe has completed Level 1 [or Level 2] of the CEP program through the Certified Equity Professional Institute at Santa Clara University."  You may use the link to the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University.

Be sure to also check out our monthly continuing education calendar that is emailed each mid-month and is also available on the CEPI website. There are many great opportunities to learn more about our constantly changing industry, and earn continuing education hours.