2017 Symposium

2017 Symposium - March 28, 2017

The Best One Day Event in Equity Compensation


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13th Annual CEP and Silicon Valley NASPP Symposium Presentations

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You might not consider equity compensation a “sport” but it definitely involves teamwork. Santa Clara University has a unique department called the Coaching for Life Academy. Those involved in the Academy have had experiences at the highest level of collegiate, professional, and Olympic sport and have seen the difference that leadership, team building, and life skills development can make. They teach these same skills to help those in business, education, and sports, so that all those involved—at any age or level of experience—can achieve success. Dan O'Brien is the head baseball coach at Santa Clara University and is a member of the Coaching for Life Academy Board. Coach O'Brien came to Santa Clara in 2011 and has had numerous athletes recognized for All-Conference and All-American honors, as well as athletes who have been drafted to play in Major League Baseball. Before taking over at SCU, O'Brien spent 14 years at the head coach at UC San Diego. Under O'Brien's guidance, the Tritons earned berths in the California Collegiate Athletic Association Championship Tournament eight years running, made five consecutive NCAA Regional appearances, claimed back-to-back West Regional crowns in 2009 and 2010, and appeared in the DII College World Series in both 2009 and 2010. In 2011, O'Brien was honored as the West Region Coach of the Year, the NCBWA West Region Co-Coach of the Year and the CCAA Coach of the Year. For more information on Dan, here are the links to his bio at the athletic department and on the Coaching for Life Academy website.


Panelist: Dan O'Brien (Santa Clara University)

Breakout Session

1A (Intro Track): Game Day Program Updates - GPS|Global Stock Plans Revisited

Every game needs a program and equity compensation is no different. Get your game day program with the latest GPS publication! Staying on top of global tax and regulatory issues is challenging when it comes to equity compensation because the rules are constantly changing, plan designs differ, companies often restructure themselves, and employees are always on the move. Using the newly updated GPS| Global Stock Plans publication as our guide, the panel will highlight topics such as global plan design, tax withholding and payroll taxes, and regulatory and transactional issues. 

Panelists: Valerie Diamond (Baker & McKenzie LLP), AmyLynn Flood (PwC, LLP)

1B:  Are You Ready for the Season? Early Adopter Insights and Tips for Implementing the New Stock-based Compensation Accounting Rules

It's a new season and the FASB's Accounting Standards Update ASU 2016-09 is here. Are you ready for opening day?  Join our speakers as they provide different perspectives on the recent changes to ASC 718 and discuss the related tax, administrative and accounting implications. The session will review implementation challenges that you should be considering as you adopt the new guidance. They will be providing insights and tips from companies who have early adopted the new stock-based accounting rule changes. The panel will also share early adopter information and sample disclosures. Join us and make sure you are ready before opening day!

Panelists:  Robert Purser (PwC, LLP), Thomas Swindle, CEP (UBS), Joseph Purdy, CEP (Solium), Jillian Forusz, CEP (Adobe Systems)

1C: Weird and Challenging Accounting Issues in Plain-English

Baseball has pretty odd rules. For example, if a baserunner passes another baserunner while running the bases (even for a homerun), the one passed is automatically out. Sounds crazy, right? Well, accounting for equity compensation has a few oddities as well with added layers of complexity; corporate transactions, exotic modifications, tax windfalls and shortfalls flowing through the P&L, multi-metric performance awards, and more are creating risk, manual intervention, and last-minute fire drills. Our panel will walk through a collection some of the most common and tricky accounting issues that companies are currently facing.  But don't be afraid—you don't need to be a CPA to attend this session! The panel will translate everything into plain English so you can get a firm grasp of the rules, all without passing another runner along the way.

Panelists:  Nathan O’Connor (Equity Methods), Winny van Veeren, CEP (Vanveeren Consulting), Ruth Doyle, CEP (Certent)

1D:  Team IPO - Can You Make the Team? 

Have you ever thought about working on an IPO? Do you have the right skills to contribute to an IPO Team? Equity compensation is complicated enough, but getting prepared for an IPO has all kinds of challenges including program design, tax and regulatory compliance, vendor selection and integration, and administrative operations. What do you need to be part of that team?  Find out from our team players: a pitcher (issuer), an outfielder (tax), a catcher (service provider) and a third baseman (accounting/valuation) will discuss the specific skills, strategies, and game plans that worked for them. The team will even share some “spring training” tips for addressing common issues that they have encountered during the game. Do you have what it takes to be part of an IPO team?

Panelists: Dustin Lewis (Deloitte Tax LLP), Georgina Lai (Pinterest), Lenka Haase, CEP (E*TRADE Financial Corporate Services), Patrick Gabel (Aon Hewitt)

1E:  The Master Game Plan 

If you are going to make it to the World Series, you need a plan for the entire season, not just one game. The same is true for your communication plan. Most companies become so event-driven with equity compensation that communications become events–singularly purposed, singularly focused, and commonly ineffective. Developing a comprehensive communications plan is only the beginning; managing this plan through the forces of internal and external change is a critical part of a stock plan administrator’s role. Join us as we review the real-life example of a global company communicating effectively over a multi-year timeline—through implementation, acquisitions, a brand change, and more. We will show you how to structure your communication plan so that you make it all the way to the championship!

Panelists:  Yael Elbaz (Teva), John Hammond, CEP (bendystraw llc), Chris Dohrmann (Equatex)

General Session: Equity Compensation All Stars Game - Silicon Valley vs. The Rest of the World: Trends in Stock Plan Design

Game on! Everyone knows that the Silicon Valley does things a little differently. Let's pit Team Silicon Valley (Team SV) against everyone else (Team EE) and see what happens!  Using data from the hot-off-the-press NASPP and Deloitte Consulting 2016 Domestic Stock Plan Design Survey, we will compare trends in stock plan design for Team SV versus Team EE to determine just how different they are.  Then, we’ll use specialized cuts of the data for both teams to help you understand national, local, and tech-industry trends in the usage of time-based restricted stock awards and units, stock options, and performance based awards. No matter which team you are rooting for, you are sure to learn a lot.

Panelists:  Barbara Baksa, CEP (NASPP), Tara Tays (Deloitte Consulting LLP)

Breakout Session II

2A (Intro Track):  Advil Alert – How to Address Complex Share Plan Issues

Your leadoff hitter has the flu, your ace pitcher has a sore elbow, and your golden glove outfielder sprained his ankle. Pass the Advil and call up the reserves! Equity compensation has its challenges as well. How do you deal with complex issues that can cause headaches for even the most sophisticated stock plan professionals, including leave of absence and global leave of absence policies, favorable retirement provisions (based on age or age + service), tying equity awards to non-compete/non-solicitation/confidentiality covenant, clawback provisions, and more.  Let our panel share real life examples and solutions for these headache-inducing issues.

Panelists:  Barbara Klementz (Baker & McKenzie LLP), Wendy Jennings, CEP (AppDynamics), Stacy Fox, CEP (salesforce.com), Dave Thomas (Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati)

2B:  Decisions, Decisions:  Choosing Choice and Offering Employee Choice Plans

Peanuts or popcorn? Corn dog or hot link? Who doesn't love a choice? The concept of employee choice plans is a good one. Given that equity compensation represents a significant portion of total compensation for many employees, it is surprising how few companies provide a choice for equity programs. We will look at two brave companies, Oracle and Starbucks, who have made the leap into the choice ballpark. Join this case study panel for a detailed discussion of how to evaluate choice programs, how to lead change within an organization, the mechanics of communicating, educating, and capturing choice, and how companies measure success. This session delves into the details of choice, why companies offer it, and tips and tricks for more successful choice plans. And don’t forget to bring peanuts or popcorn–your choice!

Panelists:  Larry Reynolds (Fidelity Stock Plan Services), Billy Vitense (Starbucks Coffee Company), Lori Clancy (Oracle), Denise Glagau (Baker & McKenzie LLP)

2C: #543tripleplay!! Communication Lessons Learned From Social Media

Baseball plays can be described using just numbers, but is this shortened description better if no one understands it?  Without a doubt, social media has made a profound impact on how individuals get and consume information. Combining the micro attention span cultivated by social media, and the complexity of equity compensation, the challenge is clear:  How do you effectively educate employees and communicate how plans work in a nanosecond? Thankfully, the same culture of social media that has shortened attention spans has also taught us some great lessons. Join this seasoned panel of equity compensation professionals with more than 50 years of experience to learn how social media tricks can reinvent traditional education and communication. And the 5-4-3 triple play? That's a throw from third base, to second and then to first.  #thissessionrocks

Panelists:  Emily Cervino, CEP (Fidelity Stock Plan Services), Barbara Baksa, CEP (NASPP), Aftab Ibrahim, CEP (T-Mobile)

2D:  ESPP - Bench Clearing Brawls

Batter hit by a wild pitch? Runner knocked over your star catcher? Time to clear the benches! ESPPs are as hot as ever; however, the plan doesn’t always cover all the administrative details and fights may ensue over how to handle certain aspects of the plan. Join us as two issuers clear the benches and argue over hot ESPP issues such as handling carry forwards, contribution conversion, and payroll caps. The sideline announcers will add commentary on industry trends on the ruckus and squabble as it unfolds.  Let's hope no one gets ejected from the panel!

Panelists: Sorrell Johnson, CEP (Stock & Option Solutions, Inc.), Jacobin Zorin, CEP (Cepheid Inc.), Lydia Terrill, CEP (Vocera Communications, Inc.), Melisa Enke (Fidelity Investments)

2E:  Robotic Pitchers?? Automation in an Increasingly Complex World

Baseball doesn't use robotic pitchers yet, but just imagine what would happen if they did! Automation can be a game changer. Let's take a look into recent trends in stock plan administration and how technology has evolved to adapt to new requirements needed to automate processes. Join our panel for a session that will touch on emergence of new technology, encryption and data requirements/restrictions, and trends that create more complex processes, require third party involvement, and reduce the available processing time. In this session, you will learn about the concepts, hear from real word case studies, and develop your own ideas on how to implement new adaptations to optimize your stock plan administration operation.

Panelists:  Aaron Oberg, CEP (E*TRADE Financial Corporate Services), Nadine Francyk (ServiceSource International, Inc.), Susan Szotek, CEP (The Gap, Inc.), Joshua McGinn, CEP (AST)

Breakout Session III

3A (Intro Track): Whiffs, Wild Pitches, and Withholding Woes 

Spring training is a time to find your problem areas and fix them. Take the time today to look at some areas where a little work can go a long way. Companies offering equity awards in the US and around the world encounter various issues when withholding for taxes or social insurance contributions due on award income. The panel will provide attendees with insight and best practices from the legal, issuer, and administrator perspectives. Topics include practical information on withholding types, methods, rates, and timing. We will add in some advice from the general managers around the role of brokers, legal issues and risks, and effective employee communication. Let's get out on the field and improve our game!

Panelists:  Andrew Schwartz, CEP (Computershare), Christine Zwerling, CEP (Twilio), Andrew Gewirtz, CEP (KPMG)

3B: Who's on First? And What's a Recharge?

It's not exactly Abbot and Costello, but you might be surprised to learn that your company has been using chargebacks and has never bothered to tell the stock admin group.  Don't be the last to know!  Don’t know much about chargebacks (AKA recharges)? No worries! This panel will give you the full game plan, from recent developments, to case law, to "stealth” chargebacks for expatriates. For an exciting tenth inning, we will outline the pertinent aspects of Base Erosion and Profit Shifting. This panel will let you stay ahead of (or on top of!) your corporate tax department by knowing the pros and cons of recharges, and knowing how to find out if they are already in use. Get an active seat at the table by learning the basics, common concerns and questions to ask—so now you really know “Who’s on First!”

Panelists: Marlene Zobayan, CEP (Rutlen Associates LLC), Rive Rutke (Deloitte Tax LLP), Tom Paleka (Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.)

3C:  There's the Windup...Here's the Pitch...It's an Audit!

It's your first time at bat in the majors and they throw you an audit! Don't get caught with a swing and a miss. Use spring training to get ready for that pitch! Our panel will offer practical tips for stock plan administrators prepping for the annual audit—especially for the first time. We will cover topics including why SOX (not those SOX!) is important, and key controls that every issuer should be employing.  We will also share some insight on how to effectively work with internal and external auditors—you know, the team equipment managers and the media. Get ahead of the curve, learn all about the pitfalls and challenges, and hit it out of the park!

Panelists:  Elizabeth Dodge, CEP (Equity Plan Solutions, LLC), Jessica Laddon, CEP (Computershare), Joe Thatcher, CEP (Twitter), Amanda Benincasa (Aon Hewitt)

3D:  Equity Compensation Spring Training Workout!

Stretch your brain and practice your swing as we look at key equity compensation challenges to test your mental grit and teamwork skills in this interactive session. Join our seasoned pros as they help you get ready for the big leagues: navigating auditor questions, changing service providers, dealing with proxy requirements, and more. With a fun baseball-themed backdrop, this session will draw you in and teach you a few tricks to improve your winning score and decrease your margin of error. This session is geared towards those new or relatively new to the equity compensation field, but will challenge even a seasoned player who is out of shape with their equity skills! 

Panelists: Neta Pyasi, CEP (Solium), Madori Playford, CEP (Stock & Option Solutions, Inc.), Jane Platt, CEP (Array BioPharma) )

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