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Morning Activities
Start Time End Time   Location
8:00AM 8:45AM Registration and Breakfast Benson Lobby and Market Square
8:45AM 9:00AM Welcome Market Square
9:00AM 10:00AM Keynote Speaker Market Square
10:00AM 10:10AM Volunteer Excellence Awards
Winners of the 2018 Volunteer Excellence Awards will be announced.
Market Square
10:10AM 10:35AM Morning Break Bronco and Benson Lobby

Breakout Session One
10:35AM 11:50AM Session 1A - Know Your Limits: Understanding and Complying with the Limits that Apply to Stock Plans (1A Presentation Download)
Stock compensation is full of limits and counting. Failure to comply with any of these limits or to count shares correctly can have catastrophic effects, including securities law violations, unexpected (and expensive) tax consequences, and unwanted attention from the plaintiffs' bar. This panel will explore various limitations that apply to stock compensation, the consequences of exceeding each limit, possible corrective actions, and tips on administrative procedures to ensure you don't run afoul of them in the first place. Some of the limits we plan to discuss include shares available for grant, award sub-limits, and fungible share reserves; limits on delegated authority to approve grants; statutory and other limits that apply to ESPPs; and share counting for form S-8 and Rule 701 purposes. The panel will also compare some of the purposes for which performance awards are counted and discuss the requirements of each.
Panelists: Barbara Baksa, CEP (NASPP); Wendy Jennings, CEP (Cisco); Alison Wright (Hanson Bridgett) 
Mission Room
    Session 1B - Conquering the Challenge of Change (1B Presentation Download)
Everyone agrees that change is hard. No matter whether it is thrust upon you by official entities or determined by you or your leadership to be a needed change within your organization, it’s never easy. But change is also important; it keeps us moving forward as professionals, as an industry, and as a community. The way you manage change is critical to your success and the success of your equity plans. This expert panel will provide insights into tried and tested methodologies for recognizing needed changes, preparing for change, affecting and managing change, and communicating change. All of these tasks are mission critical in the challenging days and weeks ahead.
Panelists: Elizabeth Dodge, CEP (Equity Plan Solutions, LLC); Jennifer Kirk (Google); Larry Reynolds (Fidelity Stock Plan Services); Carrie Kovac, CEP (E*TRADE)
Williman Room
    Session 1C - Generation XX: Uncovering the Truth about Women and Equity (1C Presentation Download)
Much has been written about gender pay equity, but precious little exists about gender differences in equity compensation. With equity compensation representing a meaningful component of overall compensation for many employees, and shareholders increasingly interested in gender pay gaps, it is time to start understanding the behavioral differences of male and female participants. We see that gender pay gaps in base pay often drive proportional pay gaps in equity and women tend to be more risk adverse when it comes to their investment choices, which could influence their behavior with equity. From participant perceptions, to selling behavior, to enrollment practices, men and women are different, and understanding those differences is an important step in the larger gender pay equity initiatives.
Panelists: Emily Cervino, CEP (Fidelity); Stefan Gaetner (Aon)
Kenna 102
    Session 1D - Cold, Hard Cash: Does Cash Have a Role in your Company’s Long-Term Incentive Program? (1D Presentation Download)
Companies often ask whether some of the tax, legal and corporate governance issues associated with granting equity awards could be avoided by granting cash awards instead. The answer to this question is not straightforward - it depends on which particular issues are under consideration. This panel will explore the reasons companies use cash awards (including cash awards that are determined with reference to the stock price as well as other types of cash awards) with or instead of equity awards. We will also address the tax treatment of cash awards (from both the employee and company perspective), labor law implications of cash awards,  regulatory issues related to cash awards and communication strategies for companies using cash awards.  The panel will also feature the perspective of the company’s broker / third party administrator and its role in administering these awards.
Panelists: Denise Glagau (Baker McKenzie); Ingrid Freire, CEP (HP, Inc.); Craig Long (Bank of America Merrill Lynch)
Kenna 104
    Session 1E- Mobility Tax Compliance: You’ve Heard the Risk, But What Do You Do? (1E Presentation Download)
So you've heard the tax compliance risk resulting from having mobile employees, but what do you do, where do you start?  It may feel like a mountain of an endeavor to become compliant but doing something is better than nothing, so start somewhere.  Some of the leading minds in the industry will be on hand to guide you on how to build or expand your mobile income sourcing program for increased efficiency and compliance.  We'll help you start with assessing risk exposure, making the case for compliance, ensuring you have the people resources to define tax policies, and the system resources to manage taxation in the face of varying country-to-country legislation. To make it fun, we'll include interactive audience polls, and hopefully some laughs… because what isn't funnier than multi-national tax compliance!  We are presenting in panel style with facilitation by Schwab, interviewing the panel for guidance from the legal side, consulting side, and issuer side.  
Panelists: Sinead M. Kelly (Baker McKenzie LLP); Matt McKittrick, CEP (Moss Adams LLP); Virginia M. Crofoot, CEP (Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.); Robert Turner, CEP (Fortinet, Inc.)
Parlors B & C
Afternoon Activities
11:50AM 12:50PM Lunch
Vegetarian options will be available
Market Square
12:50PM 1:40PM General Session - The Legend of Zelda's Equity
Zelda got an award and needs to understand it to achieve her destiny. The High Priestess of Wisdom’s job is to get Zelda the information she needs for Zelda to become the Princess of Perceived Value. Your job – help the High Priestess of Wisdom navigate the ins and outs of interactive video – the content, the structure, the technology – to unlock Zelda’s mind and make it to the overworld.      (This presentation will be done entirely in interactive video with the audience helping Christine navigate, with John and Eden (Christine and the audience, as well) commenting based on the choices. A ‘fantasy’ theme will be used heavily).  
Panelists: Christine Zwerling, CEP (Twilio); Eden Kidron (Aon); John Hammond, CEP (Aon Equity Services)
Market Square

Breakout Session Two
1:50PM 3:05PM Session 2A - The Inside Scoop on Insider Trading - US and Non-US Insider Trading Restrictions (2A Presentation Download)
Insider trading compliance is critical to every company --from new IPOs to established multinational corporations--and allegations of insider trading can result in both reputational damage and potential controlling person liability for the issuer company.  It is therefore essential that equity plan participants and administrators understand and comply with their obligations regarding trading in company securities and that equity plans, including ESPPs and individual awards, are designed and administered in a manner so as to minimize any potential trading by participants when in possession of material non-public information.  Such obligations regarding insider trading apply under US law, but also under the laws of several non-US jurisdictions and employees need to be aware of the restrictions that may apply to them under both sets of applicable laws. 
Panelists: Valerie Diamond (Baker McKenzie, LLP); Sinead M. Kelly (Baker McKenzie, LLP); Rich Baker, CEP (Morgan Stanley); Jon Stueve (Coupa Software)
Kenna 102
    Session 2B - Pirates of Stock-Based Compensation! A Treasure Hunt to Find Hidden Cost Savings in Your Equity (2B Presentation Download)
Arrgghh you ready to save some money? Your equity plans may already contain design features that could save your company some compensation expense. Alternatively, there may be a better way of valuing your equity plans that can help lower the cost of the programs. Join this group of pirates, err... experts, to find out where "X" marks the spot within your equity plan. We'll explore how plans where vesting accelerates once an employee is retirement eligible but the awards are not sellable until the original vest date can yield significant cost reductions. We'll also talk about the different assumption methodologies and valuation models at a company's disposal that could reduce compensation expense. Jump on board to learn how to pillage your equity plan to reduce costs without impacting the design or employees!
Panelists: Robert Slaughter, CEP (E*Trade), Julia Franke, CEP (Aon), Jillian Forusz, CEP (Adobe)
Kenna 104
    Session 2C - One Size Does Not Fit All: Finding Creative Solutions to Global Equity Challenges (2C Presentation Download)
Due to evolving laws and regulations, coupled with increased scrutiny into compensation practices, multinational companies are facing an increasingly complex environment when granting equity around the world - all while working with smaller budgets, fewer resources and greater expectations for "getting it right."  This session will cover a number of tricky issues that can cause headaches for even the most sophisticated equity plan professionals and key considerations from a variety of viewpoints (from administrative to tax to legal/regulatory compliance).  This panel will examine countries with significant compliance issues (including China, Russia, France, Brazil, Canada, the Philippines) and discuss how companies are addressing these issues and why.  Depending on various company factors, including the size of the population in each country, the company's risk tolerance, corporate strategy, and internal politics, companies often must come to different solutions in tackling these global equity challenges.   Panelists will include two equity issuers and a stock plan vendor, who have worked with and/or consulted for many different companies, as well as an outside advisor that has guided a myriad of companies through these topics. 
Panelists: Jennifer George (PwC); Stacie Sands, CEP (Charles Schwab); Pam Jackson (Visa); Haleh Carrillo, CEP (OnPoint Equity Plan Services, LLC); Melissa Howell, CEP (Charles Schwab)
Mission Room
    Session 2D - Survey Says: Top 10 Dos and Don'ts in Stock Plan Administration (2D Presentation Download)
Leveraging data from the NASPP/Deloitte Consulting 2017 Stock Plan Administration Survey and real-world case studies, this session will offer timely insight on key trends in administration and communication for stock plans, stock ownership programs, and insider trading compliance, as well as the latest data on ESPPs. This is the industry's most comprehensive survey on stock plan administration practices.  Among other topics, this program will include: staffing of stock plan administration teams and use of outsourcing; common practices for distribution of grant agreements and collection of grant acceptances; how companies track domestically mobile employees;  and prevalence of ESPPs and common plan features.
Panelists: Donna Spinola, CEP (McKesson Corporation); Christine Zwerling, CEP (Twilio); Kathleen Cleary, CEP (NASPP); Joseph Rapanotti (Deloitte Consulting, LLP)
Parlors B & C
    Session 2E - Getting Payroll Right - 5 Tips, 5 Tricks, 5 Traps (2E Presentation Download)
Getting payroll right is the key to tax compliance for equity plans but given the complicated rules on taxation, withholding rates, differences in Federal, social state and local, it is a wonder that anyone can get it right. This panel consisting of a tax professional, a service provider and an issuer talk about the lesser known rules of payroll compliance for equity, traps for the unwary and finally provide some tips to make the process easier. Highlights include processes to preserve integrity of information, state deposit rules, payroll issues for mobile employees, and best practices for setting up meaningful payroll codes and transaction event planning.
Panelists: Marlene Zobayan, CEP (Rutlen Associates LLC); Chris Dohrmann (Equatex); Paz Dizon, CEP (Jazz Pharmaceuticals); Lydia Terrill, CEP
Williman Room
Breakout Session Three
3:05PM 3:30PM Afternoon Break Bronco and Benson Lobby
3:30PM 4:45PM Session 3A - Designing an Equity Plan That Is Meaningful to Your Company Culture (3A Presentation Download)
In today’s world employers are faced with having overlapping generations in the work place. This overlap can create a challenge in maintaining a consistent culture that is rich with benefits that mean something to everyone. In this session we will discuss how to assess meaningful incentives and benefits that are right for your company culture. The panel will discuss generational considerations in equity plan design, tangible and intangible benefits by generation, comparing your benefits package to competitors, and solutions to apply to all generations.
Panelists: Marianne Brannock-Hill (Medallia); Georgina Lai (Pinterest); Wendy Moore (Jones Day); Melissa Howell, CEP (Charles Schwab)
Williman Room
    Session 3B - HELP – My ESPP is All Over the Map. Practical Wisdom From People You Can Trust! (3B Presentation Download)
Evolve from ideation to realization with the help of a team of trusted industry professionals as they bridge an important gap between ESPP administration and global payroll compliance. The panel will discuss the payroll management challenges facing companies today, both domestic and global. Listen in as our issuer panelists talk about their reemergence from chaos to calm, what worked, what didn’t and what  needed to change…..does it sound familiar? This team will work together to prove there are solutions, practices and tips that everyone can use. From reporting and withholding to administration, get money, time and sanity saving solutions that are sure to help you enhance and strengthen your global payroll compliance procedures.
Panelists: Jeff Kilik (Computershare); Nancy Kobs (Twitter); Wendy Jennings, CEP (Cisco Systems, Inc.); Elizabeth Stoud (Aon)
Parlors B & C
    Session 3C - The Power of Choice: A Detailed Look at Equity Choice Plans (3C Presentation Download)
Plans which allow employees to choose, or elect, their mix between different types of equity and even cash bonus dollars are becoming increasingly popular. What better way to get employees "invested" in their equity awards than by allowing them to have say in what they get?    This presentation will take a detailed look at Intuitive Surgical's plan which provides employees with an equity mix election. The panel will look into the nuances of their plan and how it is administered. We will discuss some of the factors and potential benefits that influenced the decision for Intuitive to offer this type of plan. We will also focus on the execution of it and some of the challenges it has presented. 
Panelists: Kelly Geerts, CEP (E*TRADE); Lori Serrano, CEP (Intuitive Surgical); Howard Runyon (CompIntelligence); Patrick Gabel, CEP (Aon)
Kenna 102
    Session 3D - Tell Me What You Want What You Really Really Want! (3D Presentation Download)
Almost every conference has a “Hot Topics in Equity Compensation” session. But you’re the stock plan administrator. What are YOUR hot topics? What are the top things you need to know now – or wish you had known? And what do your participants want to know?? Do you ever wonder what other plan administrators are facing every day? Our panel will share our survey results of the “Top Ten Things an Administrator Wants to Know Today” and the “Top Ten Questions that Participants Ask, Again, and Again, and Again.” This will be a highly interactive session where the audience and the panel will share stories, tips and tricks. Leave with a better understanding of the issues that stock plan administrators are facing and what knowledge and skills are critical to their success. And see how you can head off those repetitive questions from your participants! Let’s discover what people “really, really want!”
Panelists: Maria Robins (Morgan Stanley); Dee Crosby (Solium); Niki Davis, CEP (USB)
Kenna 104
    Session 3E - Spring Forward with Practical Solutions to the Top Challenges Issuers Face (3E Presentation Download)
The Big 4 collaborate to share the top challenges their clients face while offering practical perspectives and solutions for issuers. Panel discussion topics will include: • Proposed/actual U.S. tax reform • Global payroll downstream processes & equity administration • Mobile employees (both domestic and global) • Managing equity plan and plan participant data including leveraging data analytics • Performance awards • Corporate tax considerations
Panelists: Cathy Goonetilleke (EY), Michael A. Bussa (KPMG), AmyLynn Flood (PwC), Rive R. Rutke (Deloitte Tax, LLP)
Mission Room
4:45PM 6:00PM Reception
Relax and network after a full day of information packed sessions. This is a great time to exchange ideas, talk to the speakers, and discuss the Equity Compensation Arena!
Market Square, Bronco, Lobby