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Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Programs

In addition to the regular coursework, the Center offers several enrichment programs designed to integrate concepts learned on campus with issues and problems facing the food industry. The Center's Mentor Program links students with food industry executives working in the student's area of interest.

Field Trips expose students to the rich diversity of the food industry through domestic and international site visits. In addition to these programs, the Center sponsors an annual conference, guest lectures, and student-faculty research projects. The University maintains an office of Career Services that is available to all students and alumni, including the Center's MBA's.

The internship program benefits the Institute's MBA students in a variety of ways. For students who enter directly from an undergraduate program, an internship provides valuable work experience and an introduction to potential employers. Many students have been able to turn their internships into promising career opportunities. Some students use the internship as a way of specializing in an area such as marketing, operations management, and finance. Internships also provide a chance for students to apply their classroom education in a professional work environment, reinforcing the importance of the methods taught in class. Most importantly, an internship helps the student start the process of developing important industry contacts for the future. The Food & Agribusiness Institute works with each student to identify the internship that meets the student's career objectives. By working with SCU's Career Services and the Institute's extensive network of industry contacts, specific companies and even specific executives can be identified as potential employers. The California Beef Council, Harris Moran Seed Company, Ingomar Packing, and the USDA's Foreign Agriculture Service are among the many companies and institutions that have sponsored Food & Agribusiness Institute internships.

The Institute's mentor program is a partnership between the FAI faculty, Board of Advisers, and alumni. The program pairs the Institute's MBA students with food industry executives who agree to act as mentors. The mentor program is an outstanding opportunity for students to learn from some of the most talented food and agribusiness executives in the world. Mentors counsel students on career and academic choices, offer an internship to the student or provide assistance in finding one, and often assist the student in their search for employment. Mentors frequently participate in the actives sponsored by the Food & Agribusiness Institute and often invite students to visit their companies, tour their facilities, and attend meetings. The innovative mentor program has received high praise from both student participants and industry executives. This unique partnership between industry and the University is unparalleled in MBA programs at other universities. Executives from Ingomar Packing Company, Dole Packaged Foods, SunWest Foods, and Wells Fargo Bank are among the many individuals who are generously serving as mentors to the Institute's MBA students.

Twice each year, the Food & Agribusiness Institute sponsors field trips to visit firms and executives competing in the food industry. Locations and companies are chosen to expose students to a wide range of food industry activities. The itinerary is often focused on a theme, such as the fresh-vegetable industry or consumer marketing of food products. The typical site visit begins with a brief introduction to the business by a senior executive, followed by a tour of the facilities. After completing the tour, the group meets with an executive of the firm who makes a presentation concerning his or her area of expertise and answers questions. Participation in the Institute's trips helps students learn firsthand about the many diverse and specialized functions performed by modern food and agricultural businesses. Robert Mondavi winery in the Napa Valley, Lamb-Weston in central Washington state, Sun-Diamond Growers in central California and the Vessey Company of Mexicali, Mexico, are among the many firms that have hosted a visit from the Institute's students.