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Advisory Board

  • SVP and GM, Consumer Solutions Group / President and Founder
    Seagate Technology / Trattore Farms and Winery

    Tim Bucher

  • Partner,
    U.S. Venture Partners

    Irwin Federman

  • Managing Advisor,
    SF Advisors

    Steve Foster

  • Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Development, School of Engineering,
    Santa Clara University

    Christopher Kitts

  • Co-Founder & CEO
    L2F Inc.

    Shawn Lange

  • Founding Director, Tech Edge J.D. in the Heart of Silicon Valley,
    Santa Clara University

    Laura Norris

  • Community and Social Manager, Gmail and Blogger

    Elizabeth Powers

  • Founding Partner
    Moneta Ventures

    Lokesh Sikaria

  • Steve Troy

  • Doug Tsui