Outstanding Student Entrepreneur

Marco Ciccone Named 2016 Outstanding Student Entrepreneur

Congratulations to 2016 Outstanding Student Entrepreneur Marco Ciccone!   This honor is awarded annually by the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to a graduating student enrolled in the Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Program in recognition of significant achievements in the program, acknowledgment of accomplishments in entrepreneurship and the promise of future success.  


Marco Ciccone is graduating in June with a Major in Finance, a Minor in Entrepreneurship and a member of the California Program for Entrepreneurship 2015 Cohort-he's also CEO and Co-Founder of app sensation Spree.  Marco, together with his co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Riley Parsons, developed a free app that is a micro-community platform connecting only SCU students, faculty and staff for a sustainable solution to buying, selling, and trading goods and services.  



How it Works:  Safe, secure app to buy, sell or trade with the SCU-community via the easy-to-use iPhone app.  Users are only permitted to use the application after verifying their e-mail address, so you can undoubtedly trust that this is a strict Bronco-to-Bronco exchange! With Spree's microcosmic approach, students, faculty, and staff need not travel far to buy or sell used goods, cutting down on wasted transportation costs and energy used when searching for similar items on websites like Craigslist or Close5.

The following is an excerpt taken from an article written by Sustainability Intern Alec Kwo '16 entitled:             

For a university that already strives to promote sustainability, be it in efficient transportation, supporting local economies, conscious consumerism, and reducing, reusing, recycling, and respecting our stuff, Spree is an all-in-one promoter of the values that we abide by at SCU. Products’ life cycles can dramatically be extended and put to good use by people in your own community, allowing for you and anyone else who may buy your used goods to get the best value for whatever you originally bought.

Listings appear similarly to Facebook’s scrolling Newsfeed with a picture, short description, and price for the good or service. Users can click on posts and begin internal messaging within the app with the seller and coordinate logistics and negotiate prices. There are currently 400+ users on Spree, so do your part to support your fellow Broncos and download the Spree - Student Marketplace app, which won the 2015 CIE Business Plan Pitch Competition Grand Prize! Not only will you rid yourself of unused things that you’ve accumulated over time, you will be promoting and embodying what it means to be sustainable. Keep those goods out of landfills and creating a safe, hyper-local place of commerce. It’s a win-win-win situation, so what are you waiting for?

Active in CIE Enrichment Opportunities like our quarterly Office Hours for Entrepreneurs, Marco and his team has met with multiple alumni CIE Office Hours providers to discuss Spree.  The CIE also was pleased to feature the Spree duo at well-received presentations to the CIE Advisory Board and as a part of the CIE presentation at SCU's Family Weekend, showcasing student startups.  The team is already giving back to the University by providing internship and career opportunities for fellow students.  He is indeed a shining example of what entrepreneurship at Santa Clara can do for our communities. 

Marco will receive this award at the Leavey School of Business Senior Awards Ceremony on June 10, Mayer Theater, presented by Dr. Jennifer Woolley, Management Department Chair.