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2011 Outstanding Student Entrepreneur

Congratulations to 2011 Outstanding Student Entrepreneur Sol Tran

Sol Tran named 2011 Outstanding Student Entrepreneur


       Dan Aguiar, Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Programs, and Sol Tran

Congratulations to 2010 Outstanding Student Entrepreneur Sol Tran!  This honor is awarded by the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to a graduating student enrolled in the Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Program in recognition of significant achievements in the program, acknowledgment of accomplishments in entrepreneurship and the promise of future success.

An true role model for all students enrolled in the CIE program, Sol has been an exemplary student of entrepreneurship with the experience of his own startups, winning various competitions, attending national conferences, and all of his contributions to the undergraduate Santa Clara Entrepreneurs Organization (SCEO).

Sol's Startups

An ardent entrepreneur himself, Sol had started up several companies throughout his time at Santa Clara. His freshman year, he and his business  partner Raju Sagiraju began to build, a high school blog site that would serve as an online hub for schools regarding campus activities, sports, and more. Learning from his initial experience, he progressed through his sophomore year and decided to start CampusKiwi as Chief Financial Officer with Chief Executive Officer Conrad Egusa. As CFO, Sol gained tremendous hands-on experience with sales, website work, and pitching to many Venture Capitalists and other investors. Currently, a new startup of Sol's may be underway!


Santa Clara Entrepreneurs Organization

Involved since his freshman year, Sol soon became Co-President of the Santa Clara Entrepreneurs Organization and worked diligently to strengthen various aspects the club. When asked about his commitment to the organization, Sol replied, "SCEO was my biggest passion at Santa Clara University." Indeed, the club grew as it implemented many new events, competitions, speakers, a fully-functional website, and much more.



Through his involvement with SCEO, Sol has taken part in several competitions on and off campus related to entrepreneurship. Congratulations once again on winning the 2009 Furlong Business Plan Competition and 2011 Internal Be A Venture Capitalist (BeAVC) Competition, and also on being a finalist in the Venture Capitalist Investment Competition at Stanford and twice in the Regional BeAVC Competition!




Taking the initiative to further develop his skills and network as an entrepreneur, Sol has attended various national conferences that focus on startups and new innovation. He has been to the TiEcon conference, Tech Crunch conference in New York, and the Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization conference in Chicago.

Other Startups

Sol has served significantly at a few other startups in the Silicon Valley as an intern, and, in doing so, was able to work at different stages of company growth from beginning to end. At Kase Networks, a systems management company, Sol was the head of social marketing and a lead generation analyst. He even had the unique opportunity to sit right next to the CEO and all of the VPs as the company's revenue tripled and was acquired by Dell. Sol later on worked for a rising Facebook advertising company, GraphScience, as the seventh employee. As he saw his direct individual impact on the company's success, his love for being an entrepreneur was even further cemented.

CIE Involvement

Sol has been an ambassador of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and an exceptional role model for students in the program. Not only has he received his Certificate in Entrepreneurship, but he has also taken full advantage of all of the opportunities offered by the CIE. He has met with mentors, attended various Silicon Valley events in the area, and has always been an advocate for events sponsored by the CIE.


Fun Facts

  • Sol has written 9 TechBeat articles for SCU's school newspaper, The Santa Clara, on Tech Crunch, Top 10 Tech Trends, The Future of Smartphones, Lacrosse, and more!
  • Sol's personal goals include starting his own company to sell for at least $50 million, and someday become a Venture Capitalist!


Sol will receive this Outstanding Student Entrepreneur Award at the Leavey School of Business Senior Awards Ceremony on June 10 presented by H. Buford Barr, Lecturer in Marketing and Lecturer in Communication. 

Congratulations, Sol Tran!


~Arlene Bhagat
Marketing, Communications & Logistics Assistant