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2012 Outstanding Student Entrepreneur

Congratulations to 2012 Outstanding Student Entrepreneur Anthony Prieto

Anthony Prieto Named
2012 Outstanding
Student Entrepreneur

Anthony Prieto and Dan Aguiar, Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Programs
Photo by Adam Hays Photography
Congratulations to 2012 Outstanding Student Entrepreneur Anthony Preito!  This honor is awarded annually by the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to a graduating student enrolled in the Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Program in recognition of significant achievements in the program, acknowledgment of accomplishments in entrepreneurship and the promise of future success.   

Anthony graduates with an Operations Management and Information Systems Major, a Retail Studies Minor and is one of the first students to receive a Minor in Entrepreneurship. 

Before Anthony joined Santa Clara University from his hometown of Encinitas, he already had a successful startup under his belt.  His interest in technology was well known with his family, so when a cousin asked Anthony to develop a website for his chiropractic practice, Anthony jumped at the challenge.  He enjoyed it so much that when asked "why don't you start your own business doing this?" he agreed.  That was the beginning of The Simple Web Solution.  His company has built custom websites for clients around the country in a variety of business sectors and industries. 

Here at Santa Clara, it wasn't long into his freshman year before he and a friend came up with the idea of a campus food delivery srevice.  Anthony and Arthur Gallagher wasted no time doing their research, testing, and working through the various channels at the University and Bon Appetit to make this a reality.  It clicked in 2010 when they purchased Bronco Student Services: a student-developed startup that provides SCU students with door-to-door laundry service and summer/abroad storage.  They added the delivery service to Bronco Student Services' successful platform and it's been off and running-literally-ever since. 

Anthony got involved with the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship in his freshman year, later serving as the Co-President of the SCEO (Santa Clara Entrepreneurs Organization) undergraduate student club, which, under his leadership, has grown to one of the largest clubs on campus.  He also served as an officer of the Retail Studies Student Association and was active in the OMIS student network and the MarComm network.  He has been an active participant in various competitions on campus, has serves as a competition judge, was a panelist for the CIE's Global Entrepreneurship Week student entrepreneur panel, worked together with other students and the CIE to bring Startup Expo to fruition (Startup Expo is a unique internship fair that brings Silicon Valley startups to Santa Clara to share internship opportunities with our students), presented to the CIE Advisory Board, was a repeat featured speaker with the CIE at Parents' Weekend, was a featured speaker with the Freshman Entrepreneurship Cohort of the Dean's Leadership Program, and has even taught a workshop on Google Apps through the University's Technology Training Courses.

His enthusiasm to bring people and events together to share knowledge and expertise is infectious-you cant talk to Anthony without immediately recognizing his passion and drive for the entrepreneurial spirit. Anthony was presented with this award at the Leavey School of Business Senior Awards Ceremony on June 15 with a presentation by Dr. Kumar Sarangee, Assistant Professor of Marketing.