Santa Clara Entrepreneurs (SCEO)

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The Santa Clara Entrepreneurs Organization (SCEO) provides a forum for networking and learning outside of the classroom.  The CIE works together with the club to bring exciting networking events, competitions, lectures and unique opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs of all majors.

Entrepreneurship can be broadly described as the practice of starting new business or organizations (or revitalizing mature organizations) generally in response to identified opportunities. This is often a difficult undertaking as a majority of new businesses fail. What makes entrepreneurship education distinctive is its focus on realization of opportunity, where management education is focused on the best way to operate existing hierarchies. The best ideas are ones that can be shared, flushed out and uplifted by a team or group aligned with the notion that the business at hand has a unique opportunity to succeed in today's or, perhaps more importantly, tomorrow's marketplace.

Others have described the entrepreneur as one who stirs the winds of the perennial gale of creative destruction. Companies today are not typically successful in disintermediating themselves and their beloved markets and business models. There are a few pockets around the globe today that have had a unique ability to foster this creativity and provide the framework that allows for destruction of the old and the growth of the new. One of those places is Silicon Valley.

Given Santa Clara University's unique presence in the valley, it is logical to assume that the entrepreneurial spirit exists in its populations. From defense to biotech to semiconductors to information technology, healthcare and now Cleantech, the valley has been at the global forefront of this perennial destructive storm. We thrive on it here-risk, reward, failure and success are considered a way of life. With a perfect combination of top notch educational institutions, available risk capital, executive talent and fantastic weather, we are in a position to continue this leadership well into the next century. Students in our universities have a unique opportunity to participate in this new business creation more so than other students around the globe. The willingness to take risk in our youth helps foster this endeavor. Yet minimization of risk (something we are quite familiar with in Venture Capital) is best practiced through collaborations with other entrepreneurs. One can find this type of collaboration in an educational, social or business atmosphere. Finding that atmosphere that combines all three of the aforementioned in one place, then so much the better.