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Conscientious Capitalism Initiative

SCU’s partnership with the Center for Conscientious Leadership provides two game changing opportunities for students. The first is a Speaker Series that brings to campus amazing exemplars of conscientious leadership who will share their personal stories, successes, challenges, and the unique virtues and leadership frameworks they employed in their respective journeys. Speakers lined up for the Winter quarter are:

  • John Donahoe, former CEO of eBay

  • Howard Behar, former President and Board Member of Starbucks

  • Admiral Eric Olson, former Commander of Navy Seals and Joint Special Operations Command

  • David Krane, Managing Partner at Google Ventures

The second opportunity is a new course, Conscientious Capitalism, designed to prepare students for the lifelong journey of personal leadership as well as leadership within organizations as they advance through their lives and careers. Students will develop a perspective, framework, and foundation so they can lead from a place of purpose, virtues, priorities, and accountability.

By participating in the course, students will:

  • Define their own perspective on the democratic capitalistic system they will operate in, consequently bringing an understanding of history and lessons learned to the challenges of leading in that system.

  • Apply their understanding of Conscientious Capitalism to their evaluation of businesses and leaders, as well as applying this perspective to their career choices, as well as business and personal decisions.

  • Comprehend the life journeys, experiences, and lessons learned from successful and conscientious business leaders for inspiration and as a model for their own discernment.

  • Examine their own life journey and create clarity about their core beliefs, purpose, values, and priorities.

  • Employ their deepened awareness, skills, and ongoing process to bring clarity to their decision making and leadership in their personal and professional lives and those of others.

  • Synthesize the critical importance of ongoing discernment, mentorship, and personal accountability in their lives and careers.

  • Produce their personal mission statement and development plans and be inspired to invest in the ongoing discernment and development of purpose, priorities, virtues, and accountability through their lives and careers.

Course Application - MGMT 197: Conscientious Capitalism (Winter 2017)


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