Leadership & Management


Leadership and Management


Leaders do not have to have all of the answers!  

Soft skills are often more difficult to learn than technical skills, and they are critical to organizational success. Our center can help your leaders and high potentials practice these skills so that they are able to achieve their strategic objectives, and advance your organization. Our programs also can help you develop strategies for competing in a digital world and deepen your understanding of digital disruptions, their business implications and help you develop strategies for competing in a digital world.

Sample Curriculum

Product Innovation

  • The DNA of Innovation
  • Product Strategy
  • Customer Centricity
  • Product Innovation Processes
  • Innovating Together: Rich Discovery
  • Innovating Together: Using Empathy
  • Innovating Together: Generating Solutions
  • Innovation Together: Time To Pitch
  • Executing Product Delivery
  • Guest Speakers
  • Key Learnings: What's Next
Program Example - Product Innovation Excellence Program

Class Opportunities

Opportunities Now And Forthcoming 2019 - 2020

  • Organizational Health Summit
  • Women's Executive Leadership
  • Negotiation Excellence
  • Customized Corporate “Mini-MBA”
  • Digital Badge Series: Leadership Excellence
  • Digital Badge Series: Organizational Health
  • Digital Badge Series: The Leadership Challenge

Program Example - Negotiation Excellence Program