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Sample Curricula

Day 1  Introduction to Data Science
  Company Visit 
  Welcome Dinner 
Day 2  Introduction to Marketing Analytics 
  Data-Driven Decisions: Predicting and Forecasting
  Company Visit
Day 3  Overview of Start-up Financing in Silicon Valley
  Company Visit
Day 4  Overview of AdTech, Digital Marketing, Mobile & Analytics
  Cultures of Innovation
  Visit to Incubator
  Winery Dinner and Certificate Celebration
Day 5  Company Visit
  Free Time in San Francisco 
Day 1 Welcome, The History of Santa Clara University and Mission, Walking Tour of campus
  Innovation in Successful Organizations
  The Currency of Silicon Valley: Stock Compensation – Past, Present & Future 
Day 2  Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation: Introduction and Case Stud 
  Case Medley: BigBelly Solar, Dropbox, Dr. John’s Products 
  Financing: Venture & Risk Capital Alternatives 
  Welcome Winery Dinner 
Day 3  Case Study 
  Developing the Business Plan 
  Company Visit 
Day 4  Case Study Medley
  Company Visit 
Day 5  Visit to Start-up Incubator, Pitch Presentations
  Baseball Module: The National Pastime - A Slice of Americana
Day 6  Creating an Organizational Culture that Supports Strategy
  Drop-in Entrepreneur
  Entrepreneurs’ Panel
  Wine and Cheese Reception
Day 7  How I Started My Internet Company
  Company Visit
Day 8  Behavioral Finance and Entrepreneurship
  The Founder’s Dilemma
  What Companies Can Learn from the DEC Failure
  Company Visit & Speaker
Day 9  Digital Disruption
  SOLOMO: Social, Local Mobile
Day 10  Group Presentations
  Lunch at Silicon Valley Venue
  Silicon Valley Chat - Corporate Venture Capital and Private Equity
  Reception and Graduation Celebration