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Meet a Few of our Executive MBA Alumni

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Giampietro Bieli Director of Marketing and Application, KLA-Tencor

"The leadership and business fundamental skills I learned in class were immediately applicable to my day-to-day work and the drivers of a promotion I received while in the program." 

Jennifer Ernst - Executive MBA '05

Jennifer graduated from SCU Executive MBA Program with honors after which she became director of business development for PARC, a Xerox-owned company. She continued her career growth by joining Thin Film Electronics in 2011 as its Executive Vice President of sales and business development and then Chief Strategy Officer in 2015 to guide strategic planning across all the business functions and product lines. Ernst said she probably would not have been considered for her current job without a MBA. “I had a richer tool set having done the EMBA,” she said. “I went from being a communications person to being a business person with a communications background. I went from reporting the news to making it.”




Martin Juarez - Executive MBA '08

Martin Juarez, Vice President of Operations at Infoblox, credits the SCU Executive MBA Program for his successful transition from engineering to business. Prior to this, Juarez had a degree in electrical engineering and computer science and a job at Hewlett Packard. After his MBA in 2012, Juarez was hired in the operations division of Infoblox due to his networks at SCU. Martin especially liked the cohort system of the MBA program with an emphasis on ethics. “Companies move so fast these days that you and your team have to be able to step back and analyze problems in multiple dimensions if you’re going to keep your customers and investors happy.” The MBA program has been “invaluable” to him since it had a very pragmatic focus and provided practical skills as well as a perspective for collaborative problem solving.




John Hogan - Executive MBA '09

John's passion was to start a business that would help everyone hire a kid for which he joined SCU from August 2008 to December 2009. As part of his coursework, he developed the business plan (that was chosen best in the class) for his future nonprofit TeenForce, which he terms “Manpower for kids, if you will.” Using $50,000 of his own money as seed capital, he got started on TeenForce, which has been operating out of the Goodwill offices in San Jose, and just received $267,000 over two years from the Walter S. Johnson foundation and has also been approved for two government grants. He is forever thankful to SCU for its amazing experience and opportunities that were instrumental in shaping and implementing his vision.